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Sports balls


adidas sports balls are used throughout the world, from top-flight stadiums to parks and playing fields. Don't settle for second best, get your hands (or feet) on a top quality adidas sports ball.

UCL Pro Void Winter Football
Tiro Competition Football
Al Rihla League Junior 290 Football
Al Rihla League Football
Tiro Club Ball
Al Rihla Training Hologram Foil Football
Al Rihla Competition Football
Tiro Club Ball
Al Rihla Pro Football
Al Rihla League Football
Tiro Club Ball
Tango Rosario Ball
Al Rihla Club Football
3-Stripes Rubber X3 Basketball
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Training Football
Tiro League Football
NZRU Black Ferns Replica Rugby Ball
New Zealand Replica Rugby Ball
Tiro League Junior 290 Football
Tiro League TB Ball
Germany Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Club Football
NZRU All Blacks Replica Rugby Ball
Al Rihla Pro Beach Football
UCL Club Void Real Madrid Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Pro Promo Commercial Football
Tiro Match Football
Al Rihla Pro Winter Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Al Rihla Club Football
Tiro Club Ball
Al Rihla Pro Sala Football
UCL Void Mini Football
Al Rihla Mini Football
Tiro League Sala Ball

Game day-ready sports balls

When playing football, basketball, handball or any sport that requires a ball, it’s essential that the sports ball meets your training and performance standards. As playmakers and sportswear enthusiasts since forever, adidas understands the importance of providing players with high-quality equipment to match and enhance their play. Explore our range of sports balls and see why they’re the best sports balls in the industry. For sporting enthusiasts right through to professional play, our sports balls cover all grounds. Finished off with our iconic Trefoil logo, our adidas sports balls will show off your sporting pride on the field, on court, wherever you go.

High-performance footballs

For football fanatics, adidas offers sports balls that range from regular training balls to finale training balls and performance balls. Made with a seamless surface for high-quality performance and a textured outer coating, our footballs enhance flight and touch. Some of our footballs also have the FIFA stamp of approval for quality, and these are especially recommended for budding football stars. Available in a range of colours and electrifying designs, our adidas footballs reflect the excitement of the sport and the quality of the game.

Basketballs, handballs, rugby balls and rifle footballs

For players of other games, we also have adidas sports balls made for basketball, handball, rugby and rifle football. Choose from balls designed especially for indoor or outdoor use to keep your sports ball in optimum condition. Our adidas basketballs are primed for long hours of practice dribbling balls up and down the court and shooting hoops, one-on-one play or pick-up games. Our rugby balls are hand-stitched for added durability, providing players with a secure grip for accurate passing. Throw perfect spirals with our rifle football – made from imitation leather, it provides players with a soft feel and strong grip on the ball as you look downfield.