Climbing gear



adidas climbing gear includes climbing-specific footwear and clothing to accompany adventure seekers around the globe. Whether it’s in town, up a mountain or on the park boulder, you want durable high-performance gear to fit in with your own style and climbing requirements.


The shoes in our collection of adidas climbing gear offer a selection of different uppers and outsoles designed for maximum comfort on long days in high-abrasion environments. Tough rubber outsoles remain firm on wet or dry ground and offer incredible traction when edging and smearing. No matter your destination, adidas climbing shoes deliver a combination of sensitivity and power for versatile climbing. Combining toughness, grip, and flexibility, our outdoor shoes feature strong rubber outsoles which give you the traction you need to push on.


Go anywhere your legs can take you with adidas climbing gear, including men’s and women’s climbing shoes, clothing and equipment. Whether you're bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing or mountaineering, you need climbing clothes that keep you comfortable and distraction-free. You’ll find everything you need in our collection of lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking climbing gear.


Climbers typically prefer close-fitting tops with UV protection, full-length tights or climbing trousers and additional layers. Long sleeve and short sleeve adidas t-shirts with AEROREADY technology work hard to keep you dry and comfortable when the heat ramps up. If you wear shorts, layer tights underneath them for coverage from abrasions. Look for climbing clothing with full-length leg coverage to protect your skin against the rock face or gym wall. Your climbing gear needs to be tough enough to withstand snags on rocks and branches and include secure pockets for your small belongings.


We make adidas climbing gear with durable materials to ensure it can stand up to all the wear and tear you throw at it. Stretchy, breathable shirts or tank tops with flexible, hard-wearing leggings or tights make a great base layer. An extra sweatshirt or insulated jacket is another essential because climbs can get chilly, but you’ll also need one for cooling down after an indoor climb. A lightweight, breathable wind jacket with WIND.RDY technology blocks out chilly gusts on an outdoors ascent. On the coldest climbing adventures, a lightweight puffer jacket with COLD.RDY technology will make an excellent outer layer to protect you from the elements. adidas also offers high-performance climbing gear and accessories for cold or exposed environments, like insulated gloves and beanies. You’ll also want to check out ourclimbing tops, including breathable t-shirts for hot weather ascents.

Climbing gear Frequently Asked Questions

For an outdoor climbing outfit, pick climbing tights or trousers, a moisture-wicking long sleeve top with UV protection, and a waterproof, breathable jacket.
Wear flexible, lightweight, hard-wearing pants or tights for climbing. adidas trousers have features to make climbing easier, like reinforced pre-shaped knees and fitted cuffs that won’t get in the way.
If it’s your first time climbing, your shirt and pants should be flexible and unrestrictive without being baggy. If you’re outdoors, bring an extra sweatshirt layer or waterproof jacket. Don’t forget neutral rock-climbing shoes with sticky outsoles.