Headbands & Visors


Headbands and visors

A stylish headband or visor is cheery on the top of the cake for your up-to-the-date sports attire. Headbands and visors are potential additions to your style statements and have great functional benefits during play. They stop sweat from getting in your eyes and provide exceptional protection from UV rays from the sun. adidas offers a wide range of headbands for all seasons and temperature variations. While the tennis headbands save your eyes during long intense rallies, the warm headbands keep your ears warm and allow you to focus on those stunning ski tricks. You can also choose a visor to fend off bright sunlight. These are extremely comfortable with inner padding and keep your eyes from hurtful UV rays. Headbands and visors are made with moisture-wicking material that guides-away the sweat and keeps you dry and comfy. The breathable material and mesh construction also assist in quick-drying and provide a cooler experience.

Find the perfect headbands and visors to fit in your style

Headbands and visors are not only functional but also elevate your style. You can choose between sleek design and broad headband to create a personal fashion statement during both summers and winters. From tennis, volleyball, or beach-side summer games to winter sports, headbands and visors are must-have accessories for all. While you can pick a headband that fits perfectly, visors come with adjustable back-straps which give you a personalized fit. You can also sport these versatile accessories to boost your style on the streets. Use headbands or visors with a sporty tracksuit or simple trouser and t-shirt combination. Whether you are pushing hard to boost your performance, supporting your favourite sports star, or hanging out on the streets, headbands and visors are a subtle yet striking way to mark your impression with style.