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Women's Golf Shoes

Our superb range of women's golf shoes showcases the capabilities of modern sports technologies in terms of optimising comfort and enhancing play. Choose your next pair of spiked or spikeless golf shoes for ladies from our range of modern, sport-style designs packed with premium features to keep your feet cushioned, comfortable and dry for the whole 18 holes. Available in classic colours and expressive brights, you can pick your perfect pair of women's adidas golfing shoes to suit your style. And with extra grip, lightweight construction, waterproof and water-resistant technologies, and supportive, sock-like fits they're destined to transform your game. All our women's golfing footwear has been designed to boost your performance on the golf course and they've got the looks for the post-game social too. Pick out your perfect pair to keep your feet feeling fresh whatever the weather.


Playing golf requires you to be on your feet for a long time, so wearing comfortable shoes is crucial. adidas women’s golf shoes offer superior comfort and support to make your game more enjoyable. Featuring a cushioned sole and a lightweight upper to keep your feet feeling light and comfortable all the way to the 18th hole. Some pairs have a micro-adjustable dial lace closure so you can fine-tune the fit of your shoes to your preference. You can also find women’s waterproof golf shoes, that will give you the confidence to play in any weather condition. The adidas selection of women’s golfing shoes are comfortable and functional, so you can focus on your game and play with confidence, designed to help you perform at your best.


adidas ladies' golf shoes are designed to support your game from the ground up. They are engineered to boost your performance thanks to adidas Boost technology, which has been renowned in running communities for its energy-boosting effect. The adidas spiked golf shoes use a Thintech TPU outsole, which offers impeccable balance and precision while keeping you close to the ground for maximum stability. If you prefer spikeless golf shoes, the adidas Traxion outsole has been meticulously designed to keep your feet stable and grounded during your swing. With adidas women’s golf shoes, you can be confident in every game. Check out our range of golf accessories to really boost your performance on the green.


With adidas women's golf shoes you don't have to choose between performance and style. With a variety of extra options such as a wider forefoot or a collared heel, finding your new favourite golf shoes is easy. And golf shoes don't have to stay on the golf course; some of the spikeless golf shoes are designed to be worn both on and off the course, letting you get in a round in the morning before running errands without needing to bring a change of shoes.

Women's Golf Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Girls can wear different types of golf shoes, depending on personal preference and clubhouse requirements. adidas offers a range of golf shoes for women, including spiked and spikeless models, all of which offer support, comfort and style.
Women’s golf shoes should fit snug but not tight. They should offer adequate support and stability while allowing feet to flex naturally during your swing. Available in wide and narrow options to ensure a comfortable fit.
Golf shoes usually fit true to size, they should not be too tight or too loose. A proper fit guarantees proper support and stability. adidas has a range of sizes and widths for all different foot shapes and sizes. Try on different sizes to find your fit.