With adidas volleyball clothing, shoes, and accessories you can find everything you need to play your best and focus on your form. Lightweight volleyball clothing helps keep you cool while reinforced trainers support your feet.
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Define your style with adidas volleyball clothes

When you’ve got the right equipment, your confidence goes up. This line of volleyball clothes, shoes, and accessories is designed to support active play and help you feel unbeatable when you step out with your team. Choose from aerodynamic clothing for a streamlined silhouette on the court, or choose from a wide range of volleyball shoes and accessories to complete your go-to kit. Volleyball jerseys and shorts made from flexible, quick-dry fabrics are ideal for making agile dives and for stretching to reach the ball. Breathable long-sleeve training jerseys also give you coverage for playing outdoors while still helping you stay cool.

Own the court with volleyball trainers and training essentials

Cover your spot, spike the ball over the net, and defend your team. This line of volleyball trainers and training essentials from adidas pays attention to the details, helping you find everything you need for a show-stopping performance. Lightweight trainers with a springy, reinforced sole are perfect for powerful jumps and quick side shuffles, giving you added stability and premium foot support while you play. Meanwhile, the durable mesh upper and sock-like lining provide a secure fit that you can count on while you play. This collection also includes 5-panel volleyball caps with a front sun shade. Perfect for games at the beach on sunny days.

Sports clothes essentials with high-level heritage

Equipping athletes has been adidas’ specialty for more than 50 years. Put yourself in good hands and ensure your kit has all the essentials with these volleyball training accessories. From small hand towels to injection-moulded metal water bottles, this selection features pro-level sports equipment that you can use for every match. All clothing items and accessories are also emblazoned with the famous adidas Trefoil and 3-Stripes insignia.