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The new Copa Sense.

adidas Copa Football Boots


With adidas Copa football boots, you bring a piece of football history to your play. Originally worn at the 1982 world cup in Spain, Copa football boots continue to give players around the world the power and control they seek.

One touch changes everything with the new Copa Sense. Feel the game with the new Sensepod and Touchpod technologies for absolute touch.
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adidas COPA Football Boots

Redefine touch, keep it cool and stand firm with adidas Copa football boots. Live the history of the greatest game on earth with one of the most iconic football boots of the last 4 decades, adapted for the demands of the modern game. Since its Fifa World Cup debut in 1982, Copa has been on every pitch on every continent helping pros and players redefine touch skill. Redefine touch and experience the ultimate in controlled power with Copa football boots supporting your play.
Finding Your Touch
Experience precise touch control and unleash precision on your game with Copa football boots tailored to you. Choose between men’s, women’s and children’s boots and pick an exact match size from 3.5 to 13, for a lockdown feel that keeps you firmly in control. Redefine your football style with striking colours, from classic black and white, to turquoise and silver.
Calculated Copa Technology
Find the soft touch, gentle taps, and careful control of your feet with Copa football boots. Master the great game with 4 decades of Copa technology at your feet.

Experience the ultimate touch with new laceless technology and clean uppers providing perfect control. Feel the controlled comfort and responsive touch of synthetic high performance leather exclusive to the Copa range. Stand firm with flexible boot construction offering a secure lockdown fit. Stand strong with ergonomic boot designs and a bespoke ankle sock providing lateral support and stability.

Master your control of the game, perfect your touch and calculate your path to victory with adidas Copa football boots. Experience the true touch of football and take your game to new heights.


Where do we begin with the adidas Copa? Probably the best place to start with this simply iconic football boot is at the beginning. The original Copas were conceived in the summer of 1982, making their debut at the World Cup held in Spain. They were designed with one thing in mind: improved touch and control.

A legend redefined

The Copa football boot carries class in abundance, with a smooth premium leather upper combined with the latest technologies. Part of the range carry the luxury technology of a Primeknit collar, which provides an adaptable entry and support around your ankle – these boots literally mould to your feet. This modern take upholds the same qualities that have stood the test of time and made the boot a first choice for so many. Over 40 years of history run through the soul of the adidas Copa: four decades of mastery contained in boots that helped redefine the beautiful game.

Enjoy the freedom given to you with the Purecut laceless forefoot found in a selection of the Copa range: now nothing will get in your way. Copa football boots are all the tools you’ll need to unlock those watertight defences and outwit your opponent. Speaking of watertight, adidas Copa + boots have been assembled with Fusionskin, an inventive leather treatment that reduces water uptake in the boot whilst providing a seamless finish. Stand firm with the tough Exoframe plate, this equips you with unrivalled traction.

Here’s to the next 40 years

The first adidas Copas occupied a special moment in history. They captured the spirit of football. Now a new and improved version is available – the Copa football boots have been reinvigorated with the latest adidas technologies. Injected with new youth and zeal, they retain the class they’ve always had. Make your game more responsive and streamlined: the control is entirely yours.