Men's Swimwear

Check out our massive range of men's swimwear in many different colours for your perfect pool partner, whether you're competitively swimming, improving your fitness or just lounging poolside.
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Men’s swimwear

Get ready for carefree swims and new personal bests with the adidas men’s swimwear collection. With all the apparel you could need for hitting the pool, the latest selection includes a wide range of swimming trunks, swimming boxers and board shorts for letting you swim your way with the very best technology. That means fabrics that are soft to the touch but quickly dry when out of the water and skin-tight shorts that boost your swim with every stroke. Enhanced by adidas’ iconic aesthetics, you can be sure that men’s swimsuits don’t get better than this.

Latest style, greatest tech

For decades, the world’s greatest athletes have put their faith in adidas for providing the very best apparel for swimming and the reason is simple: adidas have always been dedicated to developing the greatest men’s swimwear, using the most innovative sportswear technology to create trunks and shorts that enhance every element of your stroke. The latest collection is no exception, and you can expect to find high-tech materials that minimise water drag, repel water and provide expertly supportive compression as well as trunks and shorts made from recycled materials that help improve the conditions of our oceans. Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, you can benefit from the very best with adidas swimwear for men.

Swim with the 3-Stripes

Men’s swimming costumes that perform at the highest level is one thing, but no one wants to wear something that doesn’t look the part. This collection of men’s swimwear also features some of the latest styles to help you express yourself with your swim ensemble, from pared-back trunks that offer a sleek minimalist look to board shorts that make a statement with bold prints and lively colour combinations. Whatever your style, you can find it here and benefit from the very best in men’s swimwear.

In sports and in life there are things that would hold you back from achieving greatness. adidas swimwear for men ensures that at least in the pool or out in the open sea you can be your very best. These products aren’t just something you can wear to practise your strokes, they can also help you swim your way through performance barriers, allowing you to free yourself and become the swimmer you wish to be. The 3-Stripes and Solid Swim Shorts, for example, sport a simple design that’s perfect for several laps of the pool or lazy lounging at the beach. Their short length ensures freedom of movement, so you can enjoy and excel at water sports, and they also have a mesh inner brief for added comfort.

adidas swimwear for men lets you swim your heart away

Our men's swimwear line includes premium boxers that are finely crafted from the inside out. The 3-Stripes Colorblock Swim Boxers, for example, not only proudly display iconic adidas style, but also feature chlorine-resistant Infinitex fabric that guarantees durability and comfort. They also have a discreet inner drawcord to ensure a superior fit. Swim boxers are perfect for recreational swimmers who demand not only style and comfort but also long-lasting use. With these durable swim boxers you can swim your heart away towards fitness and fun.

Tone up your muscles with adidas swimwear for men

We also create swimwear for men that’s specifically meant for those who want to tone up their muscles and achieve a truly fit body. Items like our Fitness 3-Stripes Swim Trunks are crafted to ensure optimum performance with their unique construction and durable Infinitex Fitness Eco chlorine-resistant fabric. The same is true of our Parley Swim Trunks, a collaboration between adidas and Parley. Like some 3-Stripes Trunks, Parley Swim Trunks are made from yarns spun from recycled ocean plastics. Simply put, these swim trunks are not only functional, but earth-friendly as well. This way you can tone up your body while playing your part in saving the world’s fragile oceans.