Football Jerseys and Shirts

Welcome to the dynamic realm of football jerseys and shirts, where style, performance, and enthusiasm converge! At adidas, we take immense pride in crafting exceptional sporting gear that sparks the inner fire of every football aficionado. Our wide range of football jerseys and shirts caters to athletes, fans, and individuals with a penchant for fashion. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with innovation and tradition when it comes to our football jerseys and shirt collection. Our football jerseys and shirts feature state-of-the-art technologies designed to elevate your game. With moisture-wicking fabrics that enhance comfort and advanced ventilation systems ensuring optimal breathability, our products are engineered to optimise your performance. Unlock your full potential and proudly display your love for the beautiful game with adidas football jerseys and shirts. From bold designs that make a statement to classic jerseys exuding timeless elegance, we have something for everyone. With our football jerseys and shirts collection, you'll find an ever-evolving range, you'll always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to football fashion.
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Show your team colours with official football shirts

Whether you’re watching the big game on the TV, playing football yourself or just going about your day – a men’s football shirt is a great way to show your support for your favourite team. adidas have a long track record of producing football jerseys for some of the world’s most successful and popular club teams and top international teams. Whoever you support, wear that support with pride and choose from a wide spectrum of different football shirts for men.

Built for top performance

adidas football tops look great and have inbuilt features and sporting technologies designed to enhance your performance and your comfort on the pitch. Our official match jerseys are identical to those worn by players on the pitch and come with breathable HEAT.RDY technology to keep you cool wherever you are. Soft fabrics such as 100% polyester double-knit meanwhile provide maximum comfort and minimal chafing, even when you’re running from one end of the pitch to the other, while sweat-wicking Climalite fabrics help keep you dry.

Choose from home shirts, away football tops and even goalkeeper tops from your favourite teams. As well as official match football jerseys, we offer training jerseys and pre-match jerseys that work in the gym or as casual streetwear. We also stock special fan-focused football shirts that offer the same great stylings as the matchday shirt but with a slightly looser and more casual fit.

For the match, for the street, for life

Official football shirts are a great way to show your support and come with striking team crests embroidered on the chest. And because we know you care about the planet, football jerseys are increasingly made from high-performance recycled materials such as Primegreen. Wear your shirt with other casual clothes like jeans or khakis or go all the way and turn up to match day wearing a full official team strip. Get the ultimate in football style and show your true team colours wherever you are. Football tops also make great gifts and come in a wide range of sizes, and for women and children.

adidas have been producing high-quality men's football shirts (as well as balls and football boots) for many decades. Whether you're a fan of the Premier League, international club soccer or you're supporting your national team, you'll find a men's football jersey that fits you and your own unique sports style.

Football Jerseys and Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

Simply pick a men's football jersey from your favourite team (or even a jersey that you like the look of) and wear it. If you're going for the full-on fan look, pair it with matching team shorts and socks, or wear it with jeans, or a t-shirt.
If you wear your shirt regularly, the best way to store it is to simply hang it on a clothes hanger (wire hangers are best avoided as they can result in pulls). If you have a lot of shirts you wear periodically or if you're collecting them, it may be worth putting them in dust jackets or plastic bags to protect them.
Football shirts should be washed at a relatively cold temperature, around 20°C or 30°C at maximum.