Bum Bags

Wave your hands in the air! Our bum bags combine fashion with function so you can enjoy that hands-free feeling in style. Discover bum bags in a wide range of designs and colours for everyday looks and sports. Lightweight, minimal belt bags for running let you keep small items with you. Larger designs in durable fabrics mean you can forget about bulging pockets and stay organised when you're out and about – pockets and compartments let you carry everything with you as you go. Camo prints, monochrome branding and retro looks give you a wide choice of bum bags to suit every style. Choose 3-Stripes and trefoil style detailing for bold adidas branding. Our tough high-quality fabrics and fastenings are made to stand the test of time while light cushioning ensures a comfy fit around your waist.


Bum bags are an essential piece of activewear and an about-town fashion essential. Discover the range of sleek designs at adidas for multiple sports, cool retro looks and the ultimate festival must-have. Whether you’re at a festival or on an ultra-run, you can keep your valuable items zipped up and strapped on, leaving you free to focus on what you’re doing. This range of bum bags uses high-quality fabrics, smooth, easily-adjustable fastenings and offers more sustainable choices with belt bags made from recycled polyester. Once a humble pouch seen as nothing more than practical, these bags are now considered to be a fashion must-have and a useful addition to your activewear wardrobe. Strap up and enjoy the bum bag vibe.


Making an effortless transition from casualwear to sports attire, adidas bum bags also help when exercising. adidas has developed a line of belt bags that are specifically designed for running and general training. Choose from tough, lightweight and gently padded designs engineered to snugly wrap around your frame. These bags won’t get in the way as you break a sweat. Featuring multiple zips and pleasingly sleek lines, adidas bum bags look the part in the gym or on the trail. Some styles even allow you to carry drink bottles on your hip, meaning staying hydrated is simple. Whether you need to carry energy gels, snacks or just your phone, these workout pouches make keeping active a lot easier.


Choose from patterned and camo waist packs, pared-back black or classic adidas styling – these men’s and women’s designs are one-size-fits-all. You can switch up your style by having the pouch either in front or behind your waist, or wear over your shoulder for a laid-back look. Various designs are made with polyester and nylon to ensure long-lasting performance and comfort. Anti-slip coatings keep your bag locked to wherever you prefer, while inner mesh compartments and

Bum Bags Frequently Asked Questions

It can be confusing to know what to call bum bags as they have so many names. While we mostly use bum bag at adidas UK, you can also use the terms fanny pack, belt bag and waist pack.
There isn’t any difference between the two. Bum bag is the term we mostly use at adidas UK, while fanny pack comes from the United States.
The huge choice of adidas bum bags is evidence that they are very much in style. Our extensive range spans everything from chunky retro with large pockets for everyday to barely-there narrow waist packs to keep a few small items with you on long runs.