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Rugby boots

Stylish rugby boots by adidas offer a secure, supportive fit for traction on soft ground surfaces and through tough games and tougher tackles. The durable upper provides foot protection and stability while you move and the durable eight-stud outsole digs in for commanding runs on the field. Get one up on the competition with our range of shoes for rugby and you will be 'game ready' in no time. Options include rugby boots for soft or firm ground and they are available for women and men who enjoy the thrill of the game. Not to forget the little ones, adidas also have options for kids. Set up a future rugby champion for success with some rugby shoes from our impressive adidas range.

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Developed for today’s fast-moving game, pressure-packed game they give players from flanker to fullback the pace to stay one step ahead. So lace up.
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Strategic play requires the ultimate footwork. These adidas soft-ground rugby boots are specially designed to suit different positions on the field and let you make use of every advantage. Asymmetrical lace placement on some styles creates a larger forefoot area, which helps you control the ball more easily. Raised bumps on the rugby boot upper also help give you more targeted precision, for game-dominating kicks. With durable synthetic construction and a snug textile interior, these rugby shoes help stabilise your feet and give you a secure fit during high-energy games.


Become a force to be reckoned with. Soft ground rugby shoes provide incredible traction when you want to buckle down and push your team forward in the scrum. The 8-studded outsoles on our rugby boots provide serious grip on a range of soft ground surfaces, so you can hold your own on slippery mud or wet grass. Inner heel straps on some styles also help provide an extra-secure fit, for unbeatable confidence on the pitch. Choose the rugby shoe for you, all with adjustable lace closures letting you loosen or tighten the fit to suit your needs and prevent distractions while you play, perfect for high-stakes games or hardcore training sessions. Look and feel unbeatable on the field by pairing your boots with adidas rugby shorts and rugby jerseys for the ultimate high-performance rugby kit. Let your opponents know you are there to give your all.


Embrace colourful styles for energising looks. This collection of soft-ground rugby boots includes bright, graphic styles and eye-catching metallic designs. Creative use of the adidas 3-Stripes logo adds an edgy sportswear look to your rugby shoes. Colourful laces on some monochrome styles will help give your training kit a pop of colour that’s sure to stand out on the pitch. Support your team on and off the field with gear fromadidas’ rugby clothing range, offering premium comfort and powerful performance.

Rugby boots Frequently Asked Questions

• Soft. Soft ground boots are ideal for the wetter times of the year when pitches are soft, wet or muddy. • Firm / Hard ground. Firm ground boots are ideal for the drier times of the year when pitches and the game can become quicker. • Artificial / Turf.
Rugby boots should fit as close to the end of the foot as possible, without touching the toes.
Football boots are permitted within the rules, provided the studs are legal.