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Rugby Balls


Training and working on your rugby game has just got easier with the adidas rugby ball. Play with extra confidence in your handling and kicking skills, giving you every chance of victory.

Never lose your touch with our rugby balls

When it comes to performing to your ultimate level, you’ll want to ensure you’re training with the best in modern rugby equipment, so look no further than our rugby balls. Designed and made specifically to help players improve their handling skills with a durable rubber finish so you can ensure your grip is firm and strong when carrying the ball forward. Whilst the lightweight technology allows your kicking skills to be accurate and measured with every kick.

Improve your all-round game with adidas rugby balls

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned rugby player, you can rely on the adidas rugby ball to help you improve your all-round game, while also being the perfect ball for a casual throw around with friends in the park. So, if you’re training, competing in a match, or just throwing it around, you’ll notice the unique feel and flight of these rugby balls will help you improve with every session. In addition, the distinctive Maori patterns of the All Blacks Rugby team decorate the surface of the hand-stitched ball with a style worthy of gracing any pitch.

Take care of your adidas rugby balls

When you’re out on the training pitch you’ll want to be improving your rugby skills with every session, so taking care of your rugby gear is essential, especially your adidas rugby ball. Once you’ve completed your drills and practice sessions, make sure you clean the ball with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt. Then apply a mild soap or detergent to the cloth for a deeper clean, wiping the ball with a dry cloth thereafter. Keep the ball stored at room temperature, in a well-ventilated space.