Women's Running Trainers, Sneakers & Shoes

Whether you are hitting the treadmill, the tarmac or the trail, adidas have the perfect women's running shoe for you. These carefully designed running shoes will lift your performance with technologies that help you gain bounce, grip and gain. Improve your speeds and test your abilities in style. adidas running shoes for women are not only designed for premiere athletic prowess but also with ultimate style so you can choose the colour, look and feel that suits you. If you want to increase speed then look for the advanced adidas boost control that pushes you forward. If you are looking for comfort above all then the Primeknit fabric is the perfect shoe for you. The wide choice is testament to the fact that each individual has unique needs and adidas has the goods for you.
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Women’s running shoes

Tarmac, trail or treadmill – no matter how and where you run, the right pair of ladies’ running shoes will transform your performance. But with features and styles developing at such a pace, it's hard to know where to begin, no matter where you are on your running journey.

adidas is dedicated to creating shoes, with the help of technology, that will deliver the perfectly calibrated shoe for weight, protection, bounce and energy to enhance your running. The adidas range of women’s running shoes and trainers comfortably accommodates everyone from absolute beginners to experienced racers.

When considering which running shoes for women to buy, choose a pair that suits your preferred running surface and the way your foot moves. As well as specialist designs, the range also features versatile all-round shoes if you prefer to mix things up.

Run further, go faster, feel better

As always, adidas brings new technologies to the table with women’s running trainers that are designed for optimum performance and a distraction-free run. Advanced technologies offer different levels of bounce, stability and protection, depending on your needs.

If you are racking up the miles, you may want to look at running shoes for ladies that feature adidas’ innovative Boost technology. Boost delivers the goods in terms of energy return. The boost effect comes from thousands of expanded particles in the midsole that return the energy that comes from every foot strike. In return, you benefit from high levels of cushioning with unbeatable energy return throughout your run. Best of all, Boost works in all types of weather, with no drop in performance.

Smooth support

Primeknit fabric is used in the uppers of adidas running shoes for women. This smooth woven fabric upper comes in a single piece with a sock-like fit that stretches comfortably as you move. And it’s also breathable to keep your feet cool when they are working hard.

Of course, adidas women’s running trainers deliver the wow factor in gorgeous colourways and stunning designs. It won’t be hard to find the perfect shoe that you can wear to train in as well as when you’re out and about in your casuals.

adidas also offers an extensive range of running shoes for men, check it out!

adidas women's running shoes are the choice of elite female athletes around the world. The range of running trainers for women features shoes for runners of every type at every level. Dominating the very forefront of advanced technology in footwear, adidas continues its commitment to outstanding sports design that enhances performance.

Women's Running Trainers, Sneakers & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Women's and men's running shoes usually differ in terms of width as men have wider feet than women. Some women with wider feet prefer to wear men's running shoes. As long as the shoes fit your feet well, you can wear whichever shoes you prefer.
The main difference between men's and women's running trainers is usually in the width. Women, in general, have narrower feet than men.
It depends on what sort of running you like to do. When browsing through adidas' collection of ladies' running trainers, you can filter for different features, technologies and sports to ensure that you add the right shoes to your basket. In general, running shoes with adidas' unique Boost technology are great running shoes for women. They deliver a comfortable cushioning effect and a fantastic energy return to keep your feet nimble for longer.