Men sliders & flip flops sale


Take your pick from our men's sliders and flip flops sale

Our men’s sliders and flip flops sale is your chance to get great discounts and promotions on these ultra-useful casual shoes. Like all our shoes, we add a sporting edge to them. They’re all waterproof to start with, made from single piece of moulded synthetic polyurethane to create a simple and durable slider, which is all you need from these versatile shoes. Still, we take things a step further with our soothing massage effect sliders. These have extra-soft midsole cushioning covered in massage nubs that gently work on the soles of your tired feet to help re-invigorate you after a strenuous training session. They also have extra support in the toe area, and you can adjust the bandage straps for the optimal fit using hook and loop closures. We have special offers and deals on our dedicated swim sliders as well. These are also one-piece moulded shoes, and they have EVA midsole cushioning inside their Cloudfoam footbeds to provide extra comfort. They’re made from quick drying materials, so they’ll shrug off water easily, and they are very lightweight, with grippy outsoles for extra traction on wet surfaces.

All you need in a men's sliders and flip flops outlet

You can use these sliders for everything from your post-workout shower to just wearing them as convenient casual shoes around the house and garden. They also make excellent beach wear, so it’s worth picking up a couple different pairs from our men's sliders and flip flops sale. They all sport the iconic adidas 3-Stripes or Trefoil logo, which lends them both fashion status and sporting credentials. Looking after them is really easy, as the one-piece construction makes them very easy to rinse off by hand, or just pop into the washing machine. When you want some plush comfort in a simple, effortless pair of casual shoes, take a look at the clearance deals in our men's sliders and flip flops outlet.