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Outdoor Sportswear

Terrex Speed Flow Trail Running Shoes
Terrex Soulstride RAIN.RDY Trail Running Shoes
Terrex Trailmaker GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Agravic Windweave Windbreaker
Terrex Agravic Windweave Windbreaker
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Parley Padded Anorak
Techrock Flooce Wind Hooded Jacket
Terrex Multi RAIN.RDY Primegreen Two-Layer Rain Jacket
Terrex Utilitas Rain Jacket
Terrex AX4 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex AX4 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Soulstride RAIN.RDY Trail Running Shoes
Terrex AX4 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking shoes
Terrex Swift R2 GTX Shoes
Terrex Soulstride Trail Running Shoes
Terrex Trailmaker Hiking Shoes
adidas Captain Toey x LEGO® Sandals
Terrex Patch Mountain Graphic T-Shirt
Terrex Agravic Tank Top
Terrex Agravic Pro Skirt
Utilitas Tech Trousers
Terrex Trailmaker GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Swift R3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes
Terrex Voyager 21 Travel Shoes
Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes
Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes
Terrex Skychaser 2 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex DRYNAMO™ Eco Merino Tights
Terrex Agravic 2.5-Layer Rain Jacket
Terrex Patch Mountain Graphic T-Shirt
Terrex Trail Running Shorts
Terrex Mountain Graphic T-Shirt
Terrex CT MYSHELTER RAIN.RDY Colorblock Jacket
Terrex Multi Primegreen Hybrid Insulated Jacket
Terrex MYSHELTER GORE-TEX Active Rain Jacket
Terrex Swift Solo Approach Shoes
Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes
Terrex Swift R2 GTX Shoes
Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes
Utilitas Soft Shell Jacket
Terrex Trail Running Shorts

Versatile outdoor sportswear for everyday athletes

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of outdoor exercise. The fresh air and connection with nature benefit the body and mind, allowing you to take a break from work and the digital world. Studies have shown that outdoor exercise improves your mood and increases energy levels, while decreasing stress and mental fatigue. Even if the sun is beating down, the wind is blowing fiercely or it’s drizzling, adidas outdoor sportswear allows you to train in total comfort. From no-slip running shoes to compression leggings and waterproof parkas, adidas outdoor sportswear is made for working out all year round.

Outdoor sportswear for rain or shine

When conditions are wet or cold, opt for quick-drying synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture and leave you feeling dry and warm. Layering is also essential during outdoor workouts, so you can remove clothing depending on the conditions. Start with a sweat-wicking base layer, add a middle layer such as a fleece top for extra warmth and finish with an outer shell such as a windbreaker or waterproof jacket. To comfortably withstand the winter elements, protect your extremities with accessories such as headbands, gloves and thick socks. If you’re training outdoors in cold climates, opt for bright colours. Winter is generally colder and darker, so selecting vibrant shades means that others can see you, especially if you’re sharing a path with runners, cyclists or motorists. adidas outdoor sportswear also has integrated reflective details on tops, leggings and shoes for superior visibility. When the weather is warm, it’s important to stay cool and protect your skin from the sun when you’re staying active outdoors. adidas outdoor sportswear has integrated UPF 50+ UV protection and is constructed from moisture-wicking materials to sweep the sweat away. Leggings and tops in cropped lengths offer greater breathability, while snapback caps keep the sun off your face.

adidas Outdoor is the ultimate brand for athletes who make the world their playground, live without limits, and follow their insatiable passions. Whether your sport is climbing, trail running, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, kayaking, trekking, adidas Outdoor can prepare you for the trail ahead.

Our collections of shoes, jackets, windbreakers and other Outdoor essentials use technologies like GORE-TEX®, which ensure that our offering is waterproof, highly breathable, and prepared to protect you in the harshest conditions. Polartec® Alpha® technology in Outdoor clothing keeps you warm while in motion, but it won’t let you overheat during high-pulse activities, due to the optimised breathability and moisture management.

With the right boots and outerwear from adidas Outdoor you can push your limits, maximise your personal potential and unlock the world outside.