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Get the perfect combinaition of grip and comfort.

Climbing Shoes


Get a grip with adidas climbing shoes. Built using superior materials and with climbing-specific details firmly in mind, adidas climbing shoes offer the perfect combination of grip and comfort, all the way to the top.


Choosing the right climbing shoe doesn't have to be a science, here are some pro tips to choose the right fit:
- Try them on in the afternoon. Your feet swell over the course of the day to their full size.
- Wear your shoes sockless, this will help you to feel how the shoe design works with your skin to reduce rashes.
- Climbing shoes should not be uncomfortably tight, otherwise tears might keep you from seeing micro edges.
- Climbing shoes are unique, not two designs fit alike. We offer different shapes for different needs, here are them explained:


This design is a great choice for beginners to experienced climbers who want to climb with a relaxed fit for all day comfort - almost as comfy as an Adilette.


Designed as multi purpose technical shoes, moderate shapes from our Five Ten range are all-round heroes for technical single and multi pitch climbs to the gnarliest boulder problem.


This shoe type is made for overhanging rock and steep routes. The aggressive down turn shape creates tension so your feet work as hooks on the smallest edges of the steepest terrain.

All of our adidas Five Ten climbing shoes offer a perfect combination of grip and comfort. They will go all the way to reach the next level of climbing with you, so that the only thing that could hold you back is our extra sticky STEALTH rubber (literally speaking).

Climbing shoes that take you higher

If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe for steep climbs or aggressive bouldering, then look no further than our adidas climbing shoes. When precise movements are required, our shoes promise to deliver a secure grip and snug fit. For feet that rely on a powerful shoe to get you places, our climbing shoes have a strong downturn and asymmetrical toe box, which maximizes power and enhances sensitivity while you edge and climb through steep terrain. The shoes also feature modern sportswear technologies like soft Stealth® HF rubber, a material which maintains solid grip for smears and hooks.

Made for adventures in the great outdoors

Whether you prefer hiking or biking, running or climbing, our climbing boots are designed with outdoor adventurers in mind. Our wide selection of outdoor boots are designed for those who aren’t afraid of wet weather and rough surfaces, but thrive on nature and changes of scenery. Get the support and traction that the trail or mountainside demands with our breathable, water-repellent shoes. With outsoles made from materials like Continental™ rubber, these shoes provide a superior, adaptive grip. Some climbing boots also feature Boost technology, a responsive cushioning, and GORE-TEX® linings, which provide breathability and keep your feet dry.

Hike your way to the top with adidas

Our range of rock climbing and mountain bike shoes are made with a superior grip feature, Stealth® rubber, which provides an unbeatable grip and greater durability so you can focus on your techniques. Available in a range of colours, materials, and levels of stiffness, you can find the right shoe for your individual style and approach. The ergonomic heel design wraps your heel, reducing dead space and improving your hooking power. The snug fit and midsole cushioning mean you can power on for longer. Climb closer to your goals with our adidas climbing range.