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adidas has a whole range of football accessories that will enhance your game. Our shinpads, are made from durable material with a moulded EVA back that will fit comfortably around your shins. Long football socks, made from moisture-absorbing material keep you dry with a snug, flexible fit that will have you playing in style and comfort. Of course, you can't play without a football, and you'll find a range of balls in different styles and colours. Perfect for matches or a casual training session with friends, they're built to stay inflated for longer so you can play instead of wasting time pumping.


You'll find accessories for goalkeepers and field players in our football accessories range. Our field player gloves are perfect for some added warmth with options that utilise our COLD.RDY technology to keep your hands insulated. A fleece lining makes them super comfortable as well as improving their warmth. We know that in today's age, sports and technology go hand in hand, so we try to incorporate this into our football equipment. For example, maybe you're taking shots for social media or filming so that you can review your technique. No problem – many of our gloves include conductive tips on the thumb and index finger so you can use touchscreens. Our goalkeeper gloves are loved by goalies at all levels of play, and feature silicone on the backhand to give you a better feel for the ball as you knock it aside. Carefully designed finger supports help you handle the ball with ease.


Our football accessories are made to be the perfect complement to your kit, with all the practical features you need to play at your best. Keep them in top condition by checking the care instructions before cleaning them. Each piece of football equipment requires different care, for example most of our socks and hats can be machine-washed in cold water, while our gloves are often best hand washed.

Football Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

The main essential accessories used to play football are balls, pumps, shinguards and football socks.
In addition to the most important football accessories, many players will carry a water bottle for hydration, a hat to keep the sun off, or a scarf to keep warm while waiting to begin training. In terms of what they carry their football accessories in, a small sports bag, a backpack or a duffle bag is common.
Most professional, amateur and recreational footballers don’t wear cups. This is primarily because of the restrictive and uncomfortable effects it would have upon their movement as they run up and down the pitch.