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Trail Running

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Take your trail running to the limit

Experience the real thrill of running not amongst concrete and tarmac but out in nature, on the trails. Cross country trail running is fast gaining popularity with its winning combination of health benefits and personal challenges alongside the sheer joy and natural high we experience when we're out in the natural environment and exploring off the beaten path. adidas has an extensive range of trail and mountain running gear, from fell running footwear to comfortable and ultra-cool trail running apparel for men, women and children.

Go cross country with adidas

Made from comfortable, hardwearing built-for-trails materials like Gore-tex, adidas trail running gear will never let you down. Our range of shoes for trail and fell running includes footwear with our unique BOA Fit System – an innovative system that allows for micro-adjustments to provide maximum comfort and hold, as well as making the shoes easy to put on and take off. Couple these with a pair of tracksuit bottoms, featuring body-mapped designs , breathable materials and wind resistant overlays, and you’ll be ready to face whatever the trail or mountain throws at you.

adidas—your one-stop-shop for trail running essentials

As well as your core cross country outfit, you’ll find all the running essentials you need to face every challenge you set yourself. Fashionable and comfortable 3-stripes socks grip your foot perfectly so you can go the extra mile, while Terrex headbands, steel water bottles and sports bras give you all the support you’ll need for the full distance. Move to the next level with the extensive range from adidas.