Running shoes for men

When it comes to the perfect pair of men’s running shoes, adidas has got you covered with an extensive range of modern-designed shoes that will help improve and maintain your performance. adidas technology provides the flexibility and durability needed to ensure your running journey is a positive and successful one. To help you develop your running experience, you can choose from the many designs and styles of adidas men's running trainers, perfect for long-distance racers, trail runners and first-timers getting into the sport. Whether you’re looking to go pro or just want to get fitter, there’s an adidas running shoe for every need. adidas running technologies help you to focus on your development, with specified cushioning, support and protection, such as Bounce midsole technology and enhanced energy return to give you that extra energy in your running stride.
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Men’s running shoes

The perfect pair of running shoes will transform your performance when you are putting in the miles. But it's daunting to know where to start, whether you’re buying your first pair of sports shoes or your fiftieth.

Wherever you are on your running journey, adidas technology delivers the flexibility, support and durability you need to keep your stride stronger for longer. The extensive range of adidas men’s running shoes has sports shoes for C25K beginners, long-distance racers, trail runners and everyone in between.

Your level of experience, your feet, how they move and your preferred running activity are some of the factors that will affect the type of running shoe you choose.

The technology to take you further

adidas technologies continue to deliver a distraction-free and responsive running experience that focuses on differing degrees of comfort, cushioning, support and protection, depending on your running needs.

For beginners running on the road, adidas Bounce midsole technology is a versatile game changer. Made from EVA foam that is engineered to cushion the feet for a responsive, smooth-running experience.

For longer training plans where counting the miles is key, consider designs with adidas’ Boost and Ultraboost technology. Boost reigns supreme in the world of energy return using thousands of expanded particles in the midsole that deliver an unbeatable energy boost in every stride in all weather conditions. Elevating the running experience by cushioning your feet and providing extraordinary energy return mile after mile.

If running off-road in the wild is your thing, you need trail-running shoes that stay fast and keep you protected over grass, mud and stones. Using a combination of Boost and extremely light and durable Lightstrike technology, we have agile men’s sports shoes with explosive speed and rubber outsoles that grip beautifully in the wet for Park Runs or forest paths.

Industry-leading innovations like using 3D printed midsoles in some running shoes models keep adidas at the cutting edge.

Support and structure

Men’s running shoes featuring PRIMEKNIT fabric uppers provide structure and support with a sock-like fit that feels super-comfortable and keeps your feet ventilated.

With hundreds of men’s sports shoes to choose from, you can find a hybrid shoe that is a joy to run in and the style to wear when you’re out and about. Versatile all-rounders like the Adizero and Ultraboost designs have a lightweight construction and razor-sharp good looks.

adidas running shoes for women feature the same technologies.

adidas men’s running shoes have a sporting legacy that stretches back generations. Yet their new ranges continue to sit at the forefront of footwear technology and innovation. Dedicated to fashion-forward sports design that also enhances performance, adidas continues to make significant inroads into the sustainable development and practices in the production of its running shoes for men.

Running shoes for men Frequently Asked Questions

There are slight differences between men's and women’s running shoes. The primary difference is in the width, as women have narrower feet than men. Some designs have uppers constructed slightly differently to account for the differences in foot shape.
Depending on the type of walking you have planned, wearing running shoes isn’t always a good idea. Walking has a lot less impact than running, so there isn’t as much need for cushioning. Also, a lightweight sports shoe may not give you the protection that you need. Walking shoes need to suit your gait, as well as the right level of flexibility. Some running shoes will be too flexible and will not provide the structure and support required for walking.
Running shoes should fit snugly and laced accordingly, but bear in mind your feet will expand when you run. Breathable sports shoes with mesh uppers will help keep your feet cool. If you feel any numbness when you run, your shoes may be too tight. However, if you wear your running shoes too loose, your foot will slide around in the shoe.