Sports Bras

Model wearing adidas Bras and Leggings collection
Model wearing adidas Bras and Leggings collection
Model wearing adidas Bras and Leggings collection
Model wearing adidas Bras and Leggings collection
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Sports bras

The comfort of a top, the support of a bra—these women’s sports bras from adidas are designed to offer the best of both for athletes of all levels. Choose from light, medium or high support depending on what suits you and your sports best and enjoy the comfort and performance of elite-level sportswear, making use of the most innovative technology around. As well as having a wide range of colours and prints, you can also take your pick with style to choose how much coverage you want while working out. Combine with a number of different activewear pieces for a sports ensemble you can wear with pride.

Supporting your workout

A good sports bra makes all the difference when you’re exercising, so take no chances and trust in these adidas sports bras, made to perform at the highest standard. Offering a snug fit that is in no way restrictive, adjustable straps help you get the perfect fit while underbust bands keep it locked in place. Targeted ventilation in conjunction with innovative sweat-wicking fabrics ensure you stay cooler and drier for longer during your workouts, while soft fabrics are specifically chosen to prevent chafing and irritation, letting you give 100% from the first minute to the last.

Look for your style

Because everyone is different and has different needs, these ladies’ sports bras are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colours to make sure everyone can benefit from adidas’ innovative sportswear technology. From racerbacks and cross-over straps to round necklines and strappy constructions, you can choose exactly how you want your sports bra to fit and how much coverage it will give. From solid colours to bold prints, you can also coordinate with your existing kit to make sure you look as good as you feel while wearing one of these women’s sports bras from adidas.

Coverage and support options

You'll struggle to find a more extensive and carefully designed range than adidas sports bras. We've taken into account all the needs you have in terms of support and comfort, no matter what sport or pastime you're into. You can choose an all-purpose sport bra or one that is custom-designed for your particular sporting preference, from jogging to yoga, hockey to cycling and athletics. We look after you whether your challenge is pushing the limits of what you can do or just keeping fit and enjoying yourself while you're doing it.

The all-purpose adidas sports bra

Our stretchy compression knit sports bras are designed to give you a compression fit without ever feeling too tight or even remotely restricted. Freedom of movement is right up there on the list of priorities, along with comfort and support, because we understand that the last thing you need is to feel like your sports bra is preventing you from pulling off what you're aiming for, like a handhold that's just out of reach on a climbing wall, or fast kinetic exercises in the gym. They have racer backs and scooped necks, and a pullover design for optimum convenience. Their breathable mesh fabric also keeps you cool and dry when the perspiration starts to flow, with tailored ventilation areas to direct air flow for this reason.

A held-in feel that also keeps you cool

Keep yourself in perfect trim for your sport with our women's sport bras. Many of them come with your favourite 3-Stripes, so you can wear them with confidence as outerwear – they've been designed to look as good as they feel. We have workout bras that are made with removable pads and from recycled polyester and elastene interlock fabric with our standard ventilation technology. You get a wonderful held-in feel that almost has the sensation of being a second skin. Advanced sweat-wicking ensures that you'll never have to worry about unsightly marks while you're working out either.

*Over 90% of women have been reported to be wearing the wrong size sports bra" Coltman CE, Steele JR, McGhee DE (2018) 'Which Bra Components Contribute to Incorrect Bra Fit in Women Across a Range of Breast Sizes? Clothing and Textiles Research Journal'.

Sports Bras Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the right sports bra offers good support for large cup sizes (E+). If you wear a large cup size, a high-impact bra can be great for HIIT, boxing and other high-intensity workouts, but also for low-impact activities like yoga or walking. Bras made specifically for running offer higher support for all cup sizes. (They’re designed to handle the repetitive vertical and lateral movement created by running.) High-support bras made for workouts include the adidas TLRD Impact Luxe and Fast Impact Luxe.
A sports bra that’s correctly fitted is generally ok to wear all day, as long as it’s comfortable. However, you may want to change out of a bra after exercising to avoid skin irritation from dried sweat. A high-impact sports bra may become uncomfortable after long periods of time. If it’s too tight, it can chafe or irritate your skin. If it’s too loose, you won’t receive adequate support throughout the day. Be sure that each breast fits comfortably inside the bra and that the straps aren’t digging in.
The most comfortable sports bra is one that is sized correctly and offers the right amount of support for your workout. Many women who find sports bras uncomfortable are actually wearing the wrong size. That’s not just an inconvenience; many women say a bad bra experience puts them off exercise. Or they resort to hacks like wearing two bras to get the support they want. adidas makes dozens of bras to provide the right support for every move, from running, sports and HIIT to lifting, yoga and barre.