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Football Boots and Shoes

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Get ahead of the opposition with adidas football shoes

The right football footwear can mean the difference between catching your opponent to make that game-saving tackle, or getting the ball in the back of the net at the crucial moment. adidas has a long history of creating football shoes that help professional football players, amateurs and kids alike achieve their sporting dreams. Choose from a wide range of football shoes to suit your playing style and the surfaces you play on, from the latest ultra-competitive Predator to classic Copa Sense for kids.

Choose the right football shoes

Football trainers are available in a wide range of sizes and to suit different ages and skill levels. Perhaps the most important thing to do is pick the ones that best suit the surface you’ll be playing on. adidas football shoes cover the full spectrum of playing surfaces:

  • Soft ground (SG) – These football shoes are studded and are best suited to grass pitches where the ground is soft or muddy.
  • Firm ground (FG) – Firm ground shoes are also studded good all-rounders for grass pitches and are best suited to pitches that are a little harder.
  • Artificial ground – Artificial ground football shoes are designed for use on artificial pitches such as 3G and 4G pitches. Artificial ground trainers have rounded studs that are specially created for use on these surfaces.
  • Astro-turf/turf football shoes – These are designed specifically for playing on older AstroTurf, or 2G, artificial grass pitches.
  • Multi-ground (MG) – These offer a compromise between artificial ground and firm ground shoes, featuring rounded studs that are suitable for either surface.
  • Indoor court (IC) – If you’re playing indoors, whether in a full-team match or in 5-a-side football, indoor football shoes are essential. They feature flat soles without studs, but with grip patterns suited to provide stability on these surfaces.

Kick off your game in style

Once you’ve decided the type of football footwear you need, delve into adidas’ extensive range of football shoes for men, women and children. Our iconic ranges include the world-famous Predator, which offers precise ball control thanks to Controlskin uppers; Copa with enhanced touch and ball handling via high-performance synthetic leather; Nemeziz for increased mobility and agility; and Tango for stylish football trainers with a modern twist. As well as finding the right size and type of football shoe for you, you can also pick from an eclectic range of colours, including classic black, red, white, blue, green and yellow.

In 1925, Adi Dassler made his first pair of football shoes with nailed leather studs. In the time since, adidas has risen to be at the forefront of football, and our football shoes are worn around the world by professionals, amateurs and children alike. Iconic names like Predator and Nemeziz are synonymous with high-quality football footwear.

Football Boots and Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

First, clean the excess dirt off the cleats with a hard-bristled brush, then firmly turn the cleats anticlockwise. To reattach the cleats, insert them into the holes along the bottom of the boot and twist clockwise until they are tight.
Football shoes are commonly called ‘football shoes’ in the UK. They are also sometimes referred to as cleats, and as ‘soccer shoes’ in North America.
Football shoes without studs may be referred to as ‘studless football shoes’, ‘AstroTurf football shoes’ or ‘indoor football shoes’.