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Gym Clothes & Training Wear


Hit the treadmill in style with the adidas range of exclusive gym clothes and training wear. The right gym wear can make or break a training routine, so leave nothing up to chance with our range of superior active clothing.

Gym clothes and training wear for every workout

The right gym gear is essential for any workout, whether you're a seasoned expert or you're taking the very first step on your fitness journey. The right training wear can keep you motivated and performing at your peak. Even something as simple as a sports bra can make a big difference, helping to keep you cool and fully supported while you work up a sweat. adidas offer everything from t-shirts with mesh panels that provide ventilation and cooling, to tracksuit bottoms that use sweat-wicking fabric to draw moisture away from your skin. These gym clothes can ensure that you're ready to face any workout.

Workout clothes that keep you comfortable no matter what

If your clothes are uncomfortable or getting in your way, they’re going to disrupt the rhythm of your workout massively. And if that happens, you're never going to be able to make the most of your time in the gym, court or pool. With the right training clothes, however, you can be sure that you have all of the support and flexibility that you need to stay comfortable no matter how intense your workout gets.

Performance enhancing gym clothes and training wear

Not all workouts are the same, and that means that you need to choose the right clothes for the fitness regime that you're following. Whether it's cross-training, yoga, or weights, the right training clothes can make all the difference. From shoes that offer maximum freedom of movement to designs that keep you stable and rooted to the ground, you need to be sure that your entire workout outfit is built for the kind of exercise you're going to be doing. Luckily, many of garments in the adidas range of gym clothes and training wear are designed to be as versatile as possible, allowing you to mix up your workout routines with ease.