Football clothing

Find football clothing that will give you an edge for the full 90 minutes, with adidas' extensive range. Whether you’re looking for a full kit or just the jersey, you’ll find it here, with official football clothes from some of the world’s top teams. Armchair fans will love adidas replica tops and team hoodies, while aspiring pros will find everything they need for training and match time. One of the things that sets adidas football clothing apart from the rest is the cutting-edge technologies included in the range. Breathable materials keep you cool and moisture management technologies keep you dry, whilst water-repellent properties protect you from rain. Many of our football clothes are made using sustainable materials and practices, giving you one more reason to feel good about wearing them.


Up your game with the football clothing collection from adidas. With a range of products on offer, from shorts and jerseys for match day to tracksuit bottoms and singlet tops for training, we’ve got you covered. Advanced football clothes technology across the range ensure that you avoid distractions so you can focus on scoring the winning goal. Breathable materials and mesh panels help air to circulate so you don't overheat when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. Sweat-wicking fabrics soak up moisture when you sweat, and lightweight and stretchy designs ensure that you’re never restricted by your clothing.


No matter if you’re training, playing a match or watching from the stands, the football clothing range from adidas is suitable for a range of activities. As relevant on the football pitch as for a day out with friends, our football clothes are perfect for any occasion. With finer details being the cherry on top, you’ll be ready to give your all for the duration of the match. Ankle zips mean your track trousers don’t interfere with your footwork. Thumbholes on sleeves help you keep your hands warm when the temperature drops. Reflective details help you remain visible when the light beings to fade.


Football is everybody’s game, and that’s why we have clothes that cater for all. Check out our men’s football clothes and women’s football clothing lines to find your look. If you’ve got little ones, they’ll love our range of footie clothing for kids


Whether you’re playing football in the summer or winter, adidas’ range of football clothes offer protection all year round. Clothes with inbuilt UPF 5+ protection help shield you from the worst of the sun’s rays when the heat is on. Waterproof and water-resistant fabrics shield you from rain, so adverse weather doesn’t stop you in your tracks. Football clothes with insulation mean you can take to the field on even the coldest of days, so you can enjoy the game you love throughout the winter too.

Football clothing Frequently Asked Questions

Most on-pitch clothes for football, such as jersey and shorts, are made from polyester. This is because the material is lightweight and breathable so that it keeps players cooler. Many adidas clothes also feature technologies such as Aeroready which are designed to wick moisture away from the skin.
In short, yes. Many people wear them out and about, football fashion often features in glossy magazines, and footballers themselves are increasingly linked to fashion houses.
On the pitch, it’s all about a jersey, shorts, socks and boots. Off the pitch and during training you can wear tracksuits, hoodies and more from adidas’ range of football clothes.