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Your journey starts now. The Official FIFA World Cup™ Match Ball.

FIFA World Cup Balls


Open up a bold new world of footballing possibilities, with World Cup balls brought to you by adidas. Take the first step with the World Cup official ball, much more than just a football.

Al Rihla means ‘the journey’. This is the ball that starts it all. Every touch another story. Wherever you dream of taking your game, the Official FIFA World Cup™ ball will follow you. But this represents more than just football. It's an opportunity to drive real, tangible social change for communities across the globe. This is why we're pledging 1% of global net sales from footballs to Common Goal until 2023.

The start of the journey

The official adidas 2022 World Cup ball is called 'Al Rihla' - meaning the journey - to symbolise the sporting journey that those who use it take. The journey begins the moment you kick the ball, and from there, you can follow it wherever it takes you. This is a World Cup ball that reacts to your movement and your ideas, and transforms them into action. Al Rihla is more than just a ball - it's an opportunity to discover new horizons. With its high-performance speedshell panel shaped design and grooves, to enhance flight stability, along with its pearlescent white base, the official Qatar World Cup ball is as unique as the tournament itself. What stories will you tell with the Al Rihla 2022 official World Cup ball?

Focus on your game

adidas’ range of world cup footballs offer the highest standards of craftsmanship, durability and performance, so you can focus on your game. Whether you’re aiming for the highest levels of international football or enjoying a kickabout with friends, adidas World Cup balls will provide the touch-sensitive edge you need in your game. Choose from a wide range of official World Cup footballs, competition footballs designed for everyday use, durable club balls inspired by the official FIFA ball and more.

When you choose an adidas World Cup ball you benefit from a century of experience in crafting sports accessories that have been created specifically to meet the needs of top athletes. Featuring official FIFA ball logos, fully certified, made from robust outer materials with rubber bladders, adidas World Cup footballs are designed to offer the very best in performance and precision control for pros and amateurs alike, as well as looking stylish and eye-catching on the pitch. Choose the World Cup ball that suits your game and begin writing your own story in the beautiful game.