Basketball Shorts

Anyone playing the game knows that basketball shorts are an unwavering staple, and picking the right ones goes a long way to making sure you keep winning. adidas shorts provide this and much more.

Level up with these basketball shorts

adidas offers a range of basketball shorts that are ideal for both men and women. The combination of breathable and lightweight materials is designed with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry while you play, without compromising on your freedom of movement. Add a pair of reversible shorts to your order and take advantage of the different materials used. One side is built to be more durable, with tougher material that’s perfect for those overly intense games, while the other side offers a lighter feel and is more suited to lighter games and practice sessions. Couple these shorts with a pair of lightweight shoes to take your game to even greater heights.

A winning formula with our basketball pants

The main aim of the game is winning. Sure, we all want to have fun while we play, but winning makes it that much sweeter. Stand a greater chance of being part of a winning formula when you invest in basketball pants by adidas, thanks to their superior comfort. Whether you stick with a pair of short shorts or loose-fitting knee-length pants, the AEROREADY technology is there to make sure you benefit from the ventilation provided and get to focus on your movement without the distraction of overheating. If you need to keep your wallet and keys on you, you’ll find a pair of basketball shorts with zip pockets to keep them secure.

It's just the beginning

Basketball shorts may be one of the most important parts of your gear, but they’re also a staple when it comes to everyday comfortable wear. adidas has designed these shorts to be a versatile accessory, whether you’re planning on hitting the court with them or merely lazing around by the pool with a bunch of friends. The fashionable look of these shorts makes them a solid choice, no matter where you wear them.