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Find a vibrant selection of eye-catching tennis shoes when you scroll through our range, with adidas sports functionality and support, no matter which pair you pick. From tennis shoes with stretch-woven upper straps for support during your explosive sprints to light strike mid-soles for seamless quick reactions mid-game, every pair of tennis shoes in this range has been designed with your end game in mind so you can play your best.


These shoes for tennis look great on and off the court and are available for men, women and kids in easy-to-wear styles, so you can play your best game knowing your feet are well looked after. Pick the perfect pair of tennis shoes with features such as leather uppers for added protection, mesh uppers for flexibility and breathability, or a sock-like upper that will hug your foot for extra stability. Durable outer soles are designed for any type of court environment and are resistant to abrasion while increasing durability. Make your point by teaming your tennis shoes with some of our adidas tennis clothing, sure to make an impression on the court. Don’t forget our younger athletes, give them the start they deserve with their own tennis shoes from our kids tennis shoes range.


Take care of your tennis shoes and accessories and they will take care of you. Check out our full range of tennis essentials to ensure you have all the equipment you need to enhance your game. Top-quality fabrics and materials ensure the longevity of these high-impact tennis shoes. Do your part to keep them in top-notch condition and ready for your next game by following the specified cleaning instructions. Mostly, they need a light rub down with a damp cloth to show your tennis shoes some love. Remember not to use any kind of bleach on your shoes to protect their vivacious colours.

Tennis Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The basic distinction is that sneakers are for casual use, such as walking. Tennis shoes are specialised footwear used for this sport.
A tennis shoe is essentially a lace-up shoe with vulcanized rubber soles and lightweight uppers, typically made of canvas or another textile. Made to handle sharp direction changes on the court.
Its outsole is the biggest factor when deciding which tennis shoe to go for. Tennis footwear can be categorized by the type of surface the shoe is designed to perform on. Another important consideration is the trade-off between comfort, durability, weight and stability.