Powerful boxing gear with no distractions

adidas has supported the game of boxing since forever. In 1971, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier made history, both wearing adidas boxing boots in their "Fight of the Century". Move forward to today, and adidas remains a huge part of the boxing world, dressing professionals and amateurs alike. Knock out your next competitor with our performance-ready gear, designed with leading technologies to enhance your technique. Show off the 3-Stripes pride and love for boxing with boxing clothing, boots, equipment, and accessories to complete your wardrobe.

Boxing gloves, accessories, and equipment

Develop your in-ring speed, technique, and focus with boxing gloves made for the pros - an essential for boxing in the gym, a studio class, or in the ring. Protect your fingers with multi-layered cushioning padding, which absorbs shock, so your fingers don’t have to. For additional protection, wrap your hands in boxing crepe bandage, a soft and stretchy fabric, that reduces impact and tightens your hold. Once your gloves are sorted, explore our collection of duffel bags and backpacks, caps and visors, socks, towels and sweat bands. Our bags are designed with plenty of compartments and pockets for you to transport your equipment with ease. Caps and visors are ideal for outdoor boxing, while our quick-drying towels are perfect for finishing the session.

Boxing boots and clothing

Complete your kit with boxing boots and clothing made specially for boxers. Stay light on your toes as you twist and turn, duck and dive, with lightweight boxing boots. Available in eye-catching colours, the boots are long-lasting and abrasion-resistant, so your feet will stay protected in the ring. Sport your adidas pride with quick-to-dry, comfortable clothing. Choose from a large range of tops and tees, jackets and hoodies, pants and shorts, or iconic full look tracksuits. Created with stretchy, lightweight materials that keep you cool and dry, you will be prepared for greatness.