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Kids’ football shirts


This collection assembles quality athleisure attire in short and long sleeves, featuring some of the world’s finest championship teams. Youngsters with big dreams of tasting football glory tomorrow wear adidas kids’ football shirts today.

FC Bayern 22/23 Home Mini Kit
Leicester City FC Home Mini Kit
Arsenal 22/23 Home Jersey
Real Madrid 22/23 Home Jersey
adidas Sereno AEROREADY Jersey
Tiro 21 Training Jersey
adidas Tiro x LEGO® Jersey
Celtic FC 21/22 Away Mini Kit
Condivo 22 Match Day Jersey
Arsenal Condivo 22 Training Jersey
Arsenal 22/23 Long Sleeve Home Jersey
Juventus 21/22 Away Jersey
Real Madrid 22/23 Home Goalkeeper Jersey
Messi Tiro Number 10 Training Jersey
Juventus 21/22 Third Jersey
Real Madrid 22/23 Home Goalkeeper Kit
Germany 21/22 Home Jersey
Arsenal Condivo 22 Training Jersey
Real Madrid 21/22 Third Jersey
Celtic FC 22/23 Away Jersey
Ajax Amsterdam 22/23 Home Jersey
Real Madrid 22/23 Long Sleeve Home Jersey
Real Madrid Condivo 22 Training Jersey
Entrada 22 Jersey
Olympique Lyonnais Condivo 22 Training Jersey
Spain 21/22 Home Jersey
Entrada 22 Jersey
Salah Squadra Training Jersey
Celtic FC 21/22 Home Jersey
Condivo 22 Match Day Jersey
Condivo 22 Match Day Jersey
Sweden 21/22 Home Jersey
Tiro Essentials Jersey
Condivo 22 Long Sleeve Goalkeeper Jersey
Tiro Essentials Jersey
Inter Miami CF 22/23 Home Jersey
Celtic FC 21/22 Away Jersey
Entrada 22 Graphic Jersey
Condivo 22 Jersey
Entrada 22 Jersey
Condivo 22 Jersey
Entrada 22 Graphic Jersey
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adidas kids’ football shirts rep the gear of champions

Few sports set fire to a child’s imagination like the beautiful game. The adidas kids’ football shirts collection offers a range of apparel featuring the colours and insignia of teams that have etched their names in the history of the sport. All are constructed with the finest cotton and polyester materials for premium comfort and long-lasting durability. Short and long sleeved kids’ football tops in regular/slim fit are available in crew, V-neck and polo shirt options to dress them in classic style. When their sights are set on future football glory, it’s only prudent to outfit them in the gear of champions today.

Experience the advantages of our kids’ football tops

Even if your child doesn’t have aspirations to lace up a pair of football boots they can still reap significant benefits from wearing adidas football tops. The sweat-wicking capability of our shirts offers the distinct advantage of keeping them cool and dry from dawn til dusk. Premium materials and quality construction provide sleek, attractive, looks with tough durability to withstand the rough and tumble kids endure at play and at school. Kids’ football shirts with short sleeves are ideal components for warm weather activities while their long sleeved companions are dynamic essentials for cold weather wear.

Kids’ shirts for football scores for styling and profiling

When footie season has ended your child can still style and profile their adidas kids’ shirts for football while attending family gatherings or enjoying holidays at home or abroad. Groom them from the crib to embrace a passionate love of the sport and watch on proudly as they progress through the junior ranks on the road to stardom. As they go take good care of their kit by following the instructions on the inside tag to extend their wearability over time.