Women's Gym Trainers


Train smart with our extensive range of women's gym trainers. Whether you're focused on cardiovascular exercises or muscle gains, we've got the right pair of women's gym shoes to help you conquer your session.

Go hard in the gym with our women’s gym trainers

The adidas collection of women's gym trainers has been designed to help your workout sessions get better and better. Our collection includes the popular TERREX range, as well as trainers that have been designed for specific sports and activities, from yoga to running. All of our women’s gym trainers boast our signature adidas style as well as exciting technology upgrades that will make certain you are able to achieve your workout objectives.

Women’s trainers designed for comfort and performance

Not only are adidas women’s gym trainers stylish, they are also made using premium quality materials and they boast exceptional construction too. These trainers have been designed so that you can workout to your hardest while being comfortable too. They are durable, lightweight and made with breathable materials so they won't weigh your feet down or cause you to overheat when you're training at your peak. These are all qualities that are a must when working out. After all, you don’t want sore feet or blisters to hold you back. You need the right level of support and comfort to run for miles, which is exactly what adidas gym trainers for women provide.

Making the most of the adidas collection of women’s gym trainers

In order to make the most of the adidas collection of gym trainers for women, we recommend shopping based on the specific needs and requirements of your workout or training programme. For example, if you enjoy a particular sport, look at some of our sport-specific designs. All of our trainers are labelled with the sports that they have been especially engineered for, and if you like to mix up your workouts, you'll find versatile all-purpose trainers available too. You can then look at the specific technology that has been included, and with a wide range of colour options available, you can pick the pair that perfectly matches your sense of style as well.