Green Hoodies

Green hoodies are fashionable, versatile and look good all year round. Whether you're warming up in the gym, pushing yourself through a cold-weather workout or just hanging out with friends, there's an adidas green hoodie to suit your style. Choose from a range of warm and comfortable fabrics, including cotton, fleece, French Terry and velour. There’s a full range of sizes for adults and children alike, and you can customise your fit further by choosing one that’s regular, loose or slim. As well as lifestyle-inspired green hooded sweatshirts for everyday living, you’ll find designs for hiking, basketball, golf and other sports. Get one with zip pockets, reflective details or sweat-wicking fabrics to really get the most out of your stylish adidas green hoodie.


Few style transformations have been as notable as the hooded sweatshirt, and this rich heritage is sown into all our green hoodies. Originally created in the 1930s in the United States for those working in chilly warehouses, hoodies have since become popular for sports training of all kinds, as well as for casual streetwear. Whether you’re looking for a workout companion or something to keep you feeling warm but looking cool as you go about your day, our range of green hoodies has something to offer everyone. Suitable for warm-ups, cool downs, running and recovery, you can travel to training and sports in our selection of green hoodies for men, women and children. If buying as a gift, they are suitable for anyone at any age who is interested in sports or fashion.


Our selection of green hoodies is stylish, versatile and great for wearing as an additional layer before, during and after training in all weather. Their casual appearance and throw-on nature makes them easy to wear every day. You can even get sustainable green hoodies made from recycled materials and cotton that are kinder to people and the environment. If you’re a fan of long walks in all weathers, don’t forget to check out our green hoodies for hiking.


Our hoodies are great for putting on as an extra layer to keep you warm and can be worn under coats and jackets. We have a variety of styles and shades of green hoodies to choose from, in different cuts and soft cotton fleece which feels great against your skin. We’ve also got green hoodies with zip pockets to warm your hands or keep small essentials in. Look out for our iconic 3-Stripes finish, which gives your hooded top a sporty look. Simply pair your hoodie with adidas trainers and joggers for an understated look that will never go out of style.

Green Hoodies Frequently Asked Questions

Jeans or tracksuit bottoms are always a good choice to match any hoodie, for a casual, sporty look that’s relatively effortless. Chinos or even a dress can also be a fine pairing.
Green, along with blue, gray and purple are classed as cool, and are said to be calming. Yellow, orange and red on the other hand are warm colours that exude energy and positivity. When picking out your outfit you can try to match your hoodie with other cool colours, or mix it up with warm colours for a contrasting appearance.
You can, but you should be mindful of what colour coat you wear with it, as some colours such as red and yellow can clash with the green. You should also think about how thick your hoodie is and consider getting a lightweight green hoodie that is particularly well-suited to layering.