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adidas / August 13, 2020
What to Avoid After Running: Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

When you run, you subject your body to intense training stimulus. Your muscles are challenged, the joints work harder, and your brain is in overdrive, because you have to concentrate on every step. As...

Running / August 05, 2020
Combining Strength Training and Running >> Best 3 Workouts

Running is the best way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve circulation while building the foundation for other fitness activities. Strength training, on the other hand, develops your...

adidas / August 03, 2020
Muscle Spasms: How to Prevent Leg Cramps

adidas / July 31, 2020

Gear up to hit the trails around your city again

adidas / June 29, 2020
Mary Keitany on how she helped create adidas' super fast running shoe – adizero Pro.

Throughout her life, there has been one word that sums up 38-year-old marathon superstar Mary Keitany. Dedication.