Men's Shoes

The adidas range of men's shoes has got you covered, if you're striving to be the best or you just want the best fit for your daily life. With iconic designs and high-performance technologies, you can be sure that your shoes won't let you down.
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Men’s shoes

adidas shoes for men cover all the bases, no matter what your sporting passion. High-functioning technology makes for outstanding activewear and shoes that take your performance to another level. Sports-style good looks elevate your outfit, no matter what your plans.

Supportive technology

Innovation and technology flow through the adidas shoe range for men and across the entire sports spectrum. Discover adidas men’s shoes fine-tuned for golf, tennis, basketball, football, hiking and (of course) running.

Deciding which shoe to buy can be bewildering. As well as considering the demands of your sport or activity, familiarising yourself with the key technologies at play is a good place to start. Different adidas innovations create comfortable, reactive, lightweight, breathable and supportive shoes for men.

Boost is a game-changing technology that features prominently across multiple lifestyle and sports ranges of men’s shoes. Boost technology cushions feet at the midsole for an ultra-comfy shoe that can be worn all day long, no matter what you are up to. Created from thousands of expanded particles that work together, it delivers an outstanding energy return in every stride. Runners love their Boost and Ultraboost shoes. The cushioning effect lends itself to many sports and Boost also features in shoes designed for golf, hiking, walking and trail running.

Lightstrike technology also brings high-performance cushioning combined with ultra-lightweight designs, which makes these shoes for men perfect for basketball or fast miles on the tarmac.

Men’s sneakers with Primeknit uppers deliver comfort night and day. The strong and comfortable woven fabric used to create the shoe’s uppers are made into a single piece for a sock-like feel. Primeknit provides flexibility, structure and support for the foot and ankle while also keeping the feet cool and ventilated all day long.

If what you need is grip, check out adidas’ Continental rubber outsoles, they’re guaranteed to keep you grounded in the great outdoors. Continental rubber outsoles will take you further if you are climbing, trail-running, putting in the miles on a bike or running. It has the grip you need to make every mile count. Combine with GORE-TEX technology, golfers, hikers and trail-runners can take on the elements while keeping their feet dry.

adidas also stock a wide-range of high-performance shoes for women.

Sustainability commitment

Sustainability is an integral part of adidas men’s sneakers as it continues to expand its range of sustainable shoes. Shoes containing Primeblue and Primegreen materials allow customers to make sustainable choices. Primeblue is a high-performance yarn made with 50% parley ocean plastic, while Primegreen is a performance fabric that contains no virgin plastic and is made from 100% recycled polyester.

adidas shoes for men have been worn by global sports legends for generations. Their legacy of performance-enhancing technology and fashionable design has seen adidas men’s shoes crossover to become mainstays of streetwear on a global scale. The company continues to make significant progress in improving its sustainability.

Men's Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas shoes follow standard sizing. If you need to measure your feet: 1-Step on a piece of paper with your heel slightly touching a wall behind 2-Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper (if necessary, ask someone to help) 3-Measure from the wall to the mark 4-Do the same for the other foot and compare measurements with the adidas size chart to find your size
adidas does not distinguish between women's shoe sizes and men's shoe sizes for the United Kingdom. For US sizing, it follows the general convention that US women's sizes start at Size 0, while men's sizes start at Size 1. This makes adidas US women's sizes one shoe size larger than the corresponding men's shoe for the same foot length.