adidas adicolor

A portrait of a woman with red hair wearing a green adicolor tracksuit and golden earrings and standing in front of a white backdrop.
A portrait of a woman with brown hair wearing a red adicolor tracksuit in front of a white backdrop.
A portrait of a man with black hair wearing a purple adicolor tracksuit in front of a white backdrop.
A portrait of a man in a blue turban and a blue adicolor tracksuit standing in front of a white backdrop.

Comfort and style combined

Whether you're looking for something to relax around the house in, or to hit the gym or the street, the adidas adicolor range has something for you. Its classic contemporary style rests somewhere in the sweet spot between what's comfortable and what's hip, and is perfect for picking a single piece from or matching up a whole outfit.

adidas adicolor - clothes for every day

From its roots as a pair of 80s sneakers that came with coloured pens for customisation, adidas' adicolor range has grown to encompass everything from socks and track tops to t-shirts, jackets, cargo shorts and hoodies. And with adidas adicolor ranges for men and women, there's something for everyone. There's also lots to choose from in the adidas adicolor kids collection, so you can get them started on their sports fashion journey early.

Pick up a modern classic

From that original range, a huge selection of clothes, shoes and accessories has grown. From black adidas adicolor hoodies with matching tracksuit bottoms and mid cut crew socks with the iconic trefoil design, to cool pastel blue adidas adicolor shorts, t-shirts and lightweight shoes, the range can be your go to one-stop shop for all the sporty clothing you need. The adidas adicolor kids range meanwhile offers everything you need to keep your children comfortable and colourful, whether their sports mad or taking their first tentative steps. And when winter comes, you'll find plenty to keep them warm and snug, including hoodie sets and lightweight jackets woven from recycled materials.