Sock Shoes


Sock shoes

Lock in the power and pace with the snug sock-like fit of the adidas sock shoe for ultimate comfort and performance. With maximum breathability and mesh lining, these shoes maintain adequate airflow so that your feet feel fresh and cool all the time. The yarn is fine-tuned for a feather-light experience and a seamless feet-hugging grip. While the sweat-wicking technology incorporated in these trainers keeps you dry and comfortable from the inside, the waterproof lining in some models offers protection for the outer shoe. The rubber sole provides a solid grip on all sorts of surfaces, including wet turf. Sock lining provides comfort all day long and the responsive cushioning helps you pick up the speed. You can find models that are ideal for rough and technical terrains to conquer the mountain trails. The pre-knit upper and collar keeps the shoe airy and provides unrivalled comfort and energy return. Models with a distinctive midsole provide great boost and acceleration. Additional features like control skin grip is a real asset to footballers for enhanced control over the ball.

Choose the best sock shoe to match your style

adidas sock shoes are your best companion for a tough run on the field and further than the gym walls. Whether you play football, train hard for a ring bout or burn your muscles on mountains, sock shoes are engineered to provide the´ utmost comfort, flexibility, and propulsion. These are available in several patterns and hues to blend with your apparel. While the slip-on construction makes them easy to put on and off, the decorative lace patterns add to their appeal. You can adorn them with tights or shorts to charge to the finish line, with joggers for a run in the park, or with your favourite pair of jeans for an iconic street style that inspires others. With a vast range of models, this adidas collection has something for every age and lifestyle. The epitome of style and comfort, sock shoes from adidas surmount all the challenges of athletic and casual everyday life.