Reflective Shoes

Our reflective shoes have safety and style wrapped up. This innovative range has all the usual adidas flair and good looks in daylight but with clever reflective detailing that makes them ultra-bright and visible under car lights. Our range of reflective trainers features the usual selection of versatile designs adapted for a multitude of sports – but with an added layer of safety. Great for night runs and early morning sessions, the range is also a safe choice for teenagers and children who may be starting to venture out. With lot of different styles available for adults and children you'll continue to experience the benefit of adidas innovation with reflective footwear that's breathable, lightweight, waterproof and more. Choose reflective shoes to make sure you stay visible at night whether on two wheels or on foot.
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adidas reflective shoes offer you safety during late night and early morning exercise sessions alongside complete comfort for your feet. We understand the need for routine where exercise and passion are concerned – and how the changing seasons can wreak havoc with a well-established routine. Our reflective shoes allow you to continue with your training and feel safer in the darkness when you’re out on the road – whether on two wheels or on foot. Aside from sport, our lifestyle reflective shoes are ideal for staying visible in the evenings. While they shine brightly under lights, the reflective element isn’t apparent in the daylight – the ultimate day-to-night choice!


adidas reflective shoes let you continue your adventures after nightfall. You don’t have to put a halt on your plans and can stay protected at all times. Our adidas reflective hiking shoes are made of strong, sturdy material with contrasting reflective colours. This improves visibility and enhances life protection. Many times, accidents occur due to poor visibility at night so taking greater care is never something you will regret.


Apart from safety measures, you need to keep your feet well protected. adidas reflective shoes offer complete protection, warmth and security in the dark. It can’t get better than that. At adidas, we provide a complete package of safety, comfort and performance – check out our responsive reflective Boost midsole shoes made with Cordura nylon uppers. Are you concerned about looking good and stylish? Then the answer again is adidas. The shoes are so on trend that you will love wearing them again and again. Reflective shoes have proved to be a hit with fitness lovers everywhere. Now they can always find time to work out without being concerned that it is too dark or cold. Put on reflective shoes from adidas and take that run for a healthy, fit life.

Reflective Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Shoes can shine brightly using reflective materials that bounce back light. Shoes are made reflective through the process of retroflection to help the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions once illuminated by a light source. Retroflection occurs when light is reflected to its original source to produce a bright, silvery light. These materials work best as the light source gets closer so they are highly effective in providing increased visibility and safety for runners.
The best way to clean shoes with reflective materials is to use a damp towel with cold water and mild soap to gently wash off dirt, scuffs and other blemishes. It’s important to not pre-soak the shoes and you should avoid using high-alkaline products, solvenated detergents, micro emulsions or additional bleaches. Reflective materials should not be exposed to temperatures over 158 degrees Fahrenheit at any point during the drying process, should ideally be line-dried and are not recommended for dry cleaning.
Reflective material can wear off both in terms of its effectiveness to reflect light and due to exposure to rough materials, terrain, weather conditions and other environmental impacts. It’s important to properly follow the care and cleaning instructions and to try to avoid as much unneeded wear & tear that comes with regular use as possible.