Track & Field Shoes

Hitting the track? With adidas track & field shoes, you can expect a comfortable running experience. Our collection of track and field shoes has options that are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, with lace closures and textile uppers. Our range of spiked shoes for track and field is designed to give you the greatest foothold to ensure you have complete control as you are pushing through personal goals and one upping the competition. With options that include lightweight fabrics, extra cushioning and hook and loop closures, you are sure to find your ideal track and field shoe. Designed with all of the latest in sports technology, our shoes are made to enhance your performance and take you to the next level.


Enhance your performance with a pair of track and field shoes from adidas. You can exercise for longer with advanced technologies helping improve comfort and protect your feet. Moisture-absorbing fabrics ensure that sweat is soaked away, so you stay dry throughout. Breathable materials promote airflow, to keep your feet cool and well-ventilated. A lightweight design means that you fly out of the traps without being weighed down by your track shoes. Secure in the knowledge that adidas sports technology is supporting your feet.


Whether you need track and field spikes shoes for running, long jump or javelin, there is a pair of shoes for you. With a selection of our shoes offering a spike plate, you can improve your traction, grip and power as you push for glory. Choose between lace fastenings or a hook-and-loop adjustment, so you can secure your track shoes in a way that’s comfortable for you. Keep the look going while you warm up with our range of track jackets and track bottoms. With a selection of iconic designs, you’ll know that all eyes are on you whilst you sprint to the finish line.


We’ve made our track and field spikes selection with more sustainable materials. As part of our pledge to become carbon neutral, we use recycled materials to produce our garments. Rather than sourcing virgin materials, which release more carbon emissions into the atmosphere, we reuse materials that are no longer needed. You can do your part to help the environment, too, by looking after your track shoes so they last longer. After each use, clean the spikes so there is no remaining muck. Next, wipe the shoes with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Then, remove excess soap and leave the track shoes to dry at room temperature.

Track & Field Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The two types of shoes that are best suited for the track are racing flats and racing spikes. Racing flats are a minimalist version of a typical running shoe that is lighter weight to provide an added performance benefit. Racing spikes also provide superior traction by penetrating the track deeper, which provides increased stability and responsiveness in various conditions.
Not all track shoes are required to have spikes, but they do provide the runner with an advantage through lighter-weight materials, increased traction and a more natural, responsive feel.
Track shoe spikes are often replaceable if your shoe was designed to have compatible metal spikes. Spikes can be placed in a variety of patterns and depths to help provide customised traction for training and competition.