Men's Basketball Shoes & Trainers

Take your game to the next level, with men’s basketball shoes. Sweat-wicking materials keep you dry, breathable designs keep you cool and lightweight fabrics enhance movement, all whilst cushioning offers protection.
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Enjoy the technological benefits of men’s basketball shoes

Improve your performance, with a pair of men’s basketball shoes from adidas. Advanced sports technologies in the collection ensure you remain comfortable throughout and don’t get distracted by the bothers of unsuitable footwear. Cushioning protects your feet from repetitive strain injuries whilst also giving you a boost with every step. Breathable materials ensure that you don’t overheat, by promoting airflow from start to finish. Lightweight designs mean you won’t have heavy feet, so you can move around the court uninhibited, whilst moisture-absorbing fabrics keep you dry by soaking up sweat when you perspire.

Men’s basketball trainers for every level of athlete

Whether you are new to the game or play every week, our selection of men’s basketball trainers is suitable for every level of athlete. With style being just as important as substance, this collection is as iconic on the court as it is off it. With the 3-Stripes of adidas signifying unquestionable quality, you can rest assured that your men’s basketball shoes will last the distance. Finer details in the range, such as reflective touches that ensure you’re visible in poor lighting, mean you can play throughout the day.

Basketball trainers that are easy to care for

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials to produce the men’s basketball shoes line. This means your trainers can be worn time and time again. To make the most of your kicks, you should take good care of them. Clean muck off with a toothbrush after each use and wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Remove excess suds and leave them to dry at room temperature. To clean the laces or insoles, simply put them in a pillowcase and wash them on a delicate cycle.

Men's Basketball Shoes & Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, basketball shoes can be worn in everyday life outside of the basketball court, and are durable and comfortable. Many people consider them fashionable and wear them in a variety of situations.
Basketball shoes are important when playing basketball because they are specially designed to allow you to sprint, cut and jump as needed on the court. As well as providing more support to your feet during these moves, basketball shoes are built to handle the pressure of doing so, unlike regular trainers, which may quickly break.
Most basketball shoes are made of a combination of leather, textiles, rubber and synthetic materials.