Men's tennis shoes

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Our men's tennis shoes are designed to keep you moving comfortably, from your first serve to match point. With soles designed to be worn on both hard courts and clay courts, you can be ready for every tournament. You can find tennis shoes for men with snug-fitting uppers, which will help keep you feeling comfortable and supported. Some options have our intuitive lacing system, which is connected to the internal webbing of the shoe so that the tongue moulds to your foot as you tighten your laces, for a super-comfortable fit. You can find options with different types of midsole cushioning, depending on your needs. Some of our men’s tennis shoes have thicker midsoles with plenty of cushioning to help keep you comfortable out on the court for longer; other tennis shoes are super light and designed to support fast, dynamic movement.


At adidas, we have various men’s tennis shoes for different surfaces. Our tennis shoes for hard courts are made with durable soles. They can withstand the wear and tear that comes from these surfaces while providing the traction you need to move quickly. On clay courts, clay can get stuck in the sole of your tennis shoes, reducing traction and slowing your speed. Our multi-court tennis shoes avoid this, with soles specifically designed to reduce clay clogging. Let your opponents know you mean business and pair your tennis shoes with adidas men’s tennis shorts and our range oftennis shirts for men. Cap off the look with a cap from our wide collection of tennis hats. adidas style from head to toe, supporting your every serve, volley and backhand.


Our men’s tennis shoes make it easy to feel confident every time you step out onto the court. Of course, when you're putting your shoes through their paces, especially on clay or grass, you might end up needing to give them a clean. With some gentle brushing on the soles to clear away dirt or clay and a damp cloth with some mild detergent to spot-clean the uppers, your new tennis shoes for men can easily stay fresh and clean

Men's tennis shoes Frequently Asked Questions

To maximize your on-court performance, try and wear tennis shoes with an outsole specific to the surface you’ll be playing on. Multicourt tennis shoes for men are a good option if you regularly play on different surfaces.
The Stan Smith shoe remains one of the most popular sneakers because of its subtle look that makes it easy to pair with any outfit. They are an extremely comfortable and durable classic.
Yes, you can wear hardcourt shoes on a clay court and vice-versa. If you plan to play on multiple surfaces, consider multicourt shoes.