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Men's climbing shoes built to increase your performance

Go anywhere your legs can take you with our selection of high-performance climbing shoes for men. Durable, lightweight and easy-wearing, our men's climbing shoes are designed to fit snugly around your foot to help you climb longer and harder. Tough rubber outsoles give adidas climbers edging support and stand up well against abrasion, while lined microfibre uppers and barrel lacing provide a snug, comfortable fit. Whatever the terrain, adidas climbing shoes for men give you the confidence to confront steep climbs with power and friction.

Climbing shoes for men built to suit all kinds of terrain

adidas knows how important it is to pick the right shoe for the right terrain. Since many climbers spend long hours walking off the beaten path, it's essential to keep your feet intact before reaching the rock. Including designs with breathable knit textile uppers and high rubber content for durable all-day cushioning, men's climbing shoes from adidas support your feet all the way to the mountain. Depending on the ground you tackle, you might need climbing shoes with flat profiles to help your feet slot easily into cracks. Extended rubber outsoles handle abrasion and offer unbeatable friction in wet or dry conditions. Aggressively downturned toes with heel tension put your feet in a powerful position and help you take on challenging overhead climbs. No matter where your route takes you, you'll find the right climbing shoes to get you there.

Choosing the right features to support your feet

To fully embrace the mountain you need tough shoes that let you feel the rock beneath your feet. Good climbing footwear should feel like a second skin when fitted correctly and it's important to choose the right features to support you. Asymmetrical laces evenly distribute tension across your foot and provide a natural feel, while hook-and-loop closures offer easy-to-adjust climbing footwear. Ergonomic heel designs wrap around the heel, giving you less dead space and improved hooking power, while synthetic materials provide minimal stretching of the shoe.