Loose Trousers

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Loose trousers: comfy and practical!

While a snug fit trouser might seem comfortable, many people prefer to wear a pair of loose trousers when they are working out. At adidas, we offer several different models of loose trousers for you to try out. They are made from recycled polyester in an effort to reduce emissions and reduce the usage of precious resources. These sustainable trousers are straight cut, so that they do not hug your hips or thighs, thereby allowing you to move around freely. Some of the loose trousers from adidas come with zips at the ankles to create a more versatile shape. You can also opt for a pair of loose trousers from adidas with cuffed hems for a different look.

Choose your favourite pair!

Loose trousers from adidas are often midrise and come with drawstrings and elastic waists. You can find them in various colours, ranging from red, grey, blue, black, pink, and neutral, and more! You can even find loose trousers with a camouflage pattern, which were a huge trend in the 90s and still seem to be popular among the children and adults alike. While a few of the loose trousers come with side pockets, you can also choose ones with additional side pockets and back pockets. Extra pockets can come in handy when you want to keep your wallet, car keys, and other valuables safe and sound on your person.

Easy maintenance

Of course, adidas ensures that all of its loose trousers are easy to maintain! You can drop them in the washing machine and wash them on a cold cycle. If you are careful not to tumble dry or iron them, they will last you for several years. In fact, loose trousers from adidas are a great favourite among many people all over the world. So, get your pair today, and stay comfortable while out on the field.