adidas Sportswear


Own the elements

Whatever adventures you’ve got planned, stay prepared with MYSHELTER COLD.RDY weather-protective jackets. Designed with triple insulation made to handle the elements, MYSHELTER COLD.RDY delivers a cocoon feel of shelter from the cold, so you’re free to take the long way home.


It's time to get comfortable, and adidas Sportswear can show you how. Inspired by a love of streetwear, athleticism, youth subcultures and timeless sporting styles, the Sportswear collection is rooted in what makes you feel good. Athletic wear designed for your every move, this collection features stylish athleisure and activewear to fit your lifestyle.


More than just functional, all our athletic wear and accessories are designed to help you thrive and live your best life. They're developed with fully durable, lightweight materials and a versatile selection of styles to suit every mood. Our collection of comfortable activewear essentials is designed to meet you where you’re at. Adapted to your lifestyle, attuned to you. Whether you’re finding your stride on the streets, feeling your flow after a gym sesh, or vibing at home. Own your energy. You set the pace.


The adidas Sportswear collection serves you stylish and dynamic threads anchored in the spirit of movement. Vibrant. Bold. Energetic. Our iconic collection is adapted to all the facets of you. Embrace your authentic self. When it comes to adidas sportswear, design, style and support go hand in hand, allowing you to explore and express yourself every day, in every way. Featuring head-turning looks and carefree loose fits. Simple designs, elevated by unexpected details. We’ve developed sporty wardrobe staples crafted for life, with clean minimalist designs for a street-ready style. Discover comfortable sportswear made with soft, smooth fabrics to help you move through your world with ease. Embrace comfort in everything you do. Because comfort starts from within. When you’re comfortable in who you are, you can say what you really think. You can rise to the challenge. Comfort unlocks potential. So find it. Embrace it. Unleash it. Feel unstoppably you.