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Womens Samba Shoes


Exclusively available at adidas online and in-store.

Samba Leather Shoes
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The Velosamba Cycling Shoes
The Velosamba Vegan Cycling Shoes
The Velosamba Vegan Cycling Shoes
The Velosamba Vegan Cycling Shoes
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Moulded Samba for iPhone 12 mini
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Lace up a real classic: women's Samba shoes

When it comes to classic shoes, few fit the bill better than the adidas Samba for women. An icon for street fashion, this leather upper with suede toe, rubber-soled legend of the trainer world is as cherished today as it was when Adi Dassler first designed them. Comfortable and stylish with the 3-Stripes on the side of a simple yet elegant shoe. Moving on from its sports origins to become a favourite with rappers and street artists around the globe. Still seen as one of the most iconic pieces of footwear ever created, adidas Samba trainers for women are an essential addition to any wardrobe. 

Move in timeless style

From the classic black upper with a white 3-Stripes that replicates the original football boot to the lofted retro styling of the Sambaroase, the choice is yours. Pick the women's Samba that matches your personality. Pastel colours, full suede uppers and snowboarding boots, it's your lifestyle; adidas has a Samba to fit your requirements. However, women's Samba shoes are not just about style, with advanced manufacturing techniques they are as comfortable as they are iconic. Looking good on the street or does not mean you compromise on quality. Produced to be durable and fashionable, the Samba women's shoe from adidas is the classic little black dress of trainer, a style that will never fade.

Legendary design with roots

The unique history of adidas and street fashion goes back decades. From the original rap artists and DJs busting beats on the streets of New York to the pioneers of wall scribing in Berlin, adidas Samba was the footwear of choice. The biggest names in the business pinned their reputations on the Samba style and carved out their place in history. Samba shoes for women are strong in these traditions with a style and reputation that gives you the confidence to walk tall and own your space.