Striped Trousers

Youth 8-16 Years Sportswear Blue adidas Designed To Move 3-Stripes JoggersYouth 8-16 Years Sportswear Blue adidas Designed To Move 3-Stripes Joggers

adidas Designed To Move 3-Stripes Joggers

Youth 8-16 Years Sportswear

Striped trousers for the modern athlete

Trousers have become an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. Interestingly, men and women have embraced them all over the world. That’s why adidas offers you top-quality striped trousers to look your very best. These trousers are designed to have the ever classic 3-Stripes design on the sides or on the front. The tracksuit bottoms with 3-Stripes along the sides are made from a blend of recycled polyester and cotton. The recycled polyester plays a huge role in reducing emissions, as well as limiting the use of precious resources. In fact, it is considered to be very sustainable clothing in the fashion industry.

Selecting the best striped trousers for everyday wear

Striped trousers can be worn to the gym or for a casual game with friends and family. Many people even wear them on their morning jog. These trousers are designed to allow free movement of air, allowing your body temperature to cool down as you go through your rigorous workout routine. These striped trousers offered by adidas are often straight cut and offer a regular fit. Some of them come with a drawstring and an elastic waist, while others have an elastic waist with gripper tape. These trousers have pockets, allowing you to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Durable and long lasting

With time being a concern for many people, these striped trousers offered by adidas can be maintained easily. You can wash them in the washing machine on the delicate cycle and put them out to dry. A mild detergent is more than enough to get your trousers fresh and clean again. With careful use, these trousers can last for several years. These stylish striped trousers come in different colours varying from grey, blue, black and more! The performance of these trousers will definitely make you thank the day you decided to get yourself a pair of striped trousers from adidas!