Women's Trail Running Shoes

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The right women’s trail running shoes offer a unique way to explore the natural world, while also keeping fit and positively impacting your mental health. If you’re planning on spending any time running offroad in the great outdoors then the right footwear is essential. adidas’ range of trail running shoes for women offers the perfect blend of comfort, style and durability, giving you more time to focus on enjoying the wonderful world around you, or on beating your personal best. Find your perfect pair of ladies' trail running shoes and nothing can stop you, steep inclines and rough terrain is what these shoes were built for.


Picking the best women’s trail running shoe for you can seem like a daunting task, but with adidas’ superior designs, you can’t go far wrong. There are a few general hints and tips to help. If you’re planning on going on long trail runs at maximum speed, lightweight, supportive trail running shoes are ideal. For all-weather running on rough terrain, women’s trail running shoes that offer a good degree of cushioning and grip are a good idea. If you feel like treating the man in your life, all of these performance-enhancing features are also available in our range of men’s trail running shoes.


With a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from, adidas’ range of trail shoes for women has something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for the perfect footwear for your next competitive run. Benefit from adidas’ years of expertise and the latest features in women's trail running shoe design, all emblazoned with the iconic 3-Stripes motif. Of course, for full comfort on the trail you need to keep comfortable and dry all over, our women’s trail running clothing range is made for the trail. For those chilly morning treks our women’s trail running jackets will keep you protected from the elements and focused on enjoying the great outdoors.

Women's Trail Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Trail running shoes generally last for 3 (48 km) to 5 miles (8 km), but many factors may affect this number. Our women’s trail running shoes are built with durable materials for maximum use.
In trail running shoes, you should look for a rugged rubber outsole with lugs or studs for grip on gravel, mud and slippery spots. An abrasion-resistant upper will stand up to scuffs. A stiff structure prevents foot rotation on uneven surfaces
You can wear road running shoes for gentle trail running, but be cautious. Road shoes lack the stability, traction and protection you need on uneven surfaces.