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Outdoor Gloves


Outdoor gloves for outdoor enthusiasts

When the mercury drops and the weather turns cold and wet, outdoor gloves offer invaluable protection and warmth. If you’re looking for a pair of outdoor gloves, invest in a robust design with waterproof and windproof properties. Apart from keeping your hands toasty warm, gloves should allow dexterity in the fingers so you can go about your daily activities. They should also be easy to take off when you’re indoors. adidas has a collection of everyday gloves for casual wear in cold climates as well as durable outdoor gloves for cycling, hitting the ski slopes or other outdoor adventures. Waterproof gloves are useful for playing sports, knitted wool gloves feel cosy on freezing mornings, and touchscreen-compatible gloves are popular with commuters. Outdoor gloves are made from a variety of materials, including wool, leather, nylon and fleece. Shells and insulation are constructed from durable synthetic fabrics, while the warm lining feels soft against your skin. adidas outdoor gloves are lightweight and easy to pack – simply slip a pair into the pocket of your adidas jacket or backpack before you head out the door.

Premium construction and weatherproof design

Casual outdoor gloves are made for everyday use, including walking or driving in cold climates. Often made from wool, mitten-style designs are great for preserving body heat when the weather turns. Waterproof gloves can withstand drizzle and downpours and protect your hands while you’re cycling, while touchscreen-sensitive gloves are useful during your commute in frigid temperatures. Mid-weight gloves are ideal for skiing, snowboarding and winter sports, offering solid waterproof insulation with superior breathability. These high-performance gloves balance weather protection, warmth and durability in extreme weather. When you’re working outdoors in extreme weather, make sure that your hands and fingers are fully protected from the cold. Winter-ready working gloves should offer plenty of dexterity, as well as a durable build, reinforced palms and fleece lining for extra warmth.