Made To Be Remade

The Made To Be Remade innovative range from adidas is paving the way to a reducing waste in sports apparel. Choose from a range of adidas shoes and clothes that are designed to be returned and remade. adidas is working hard to embed a 'keep it in play' approach to returning and remaking clothing.

Take a positive step towards extending the lifespan of your adidas clothing

There's never been a more important time to shift to a transparent, repeatable approach to fashion. Our Made To Be Remade range offers clothing and footwear with all of the usual adidas sports flair and comfort, designed to be returned and remade into new products at the end of their life. It's an exciting leap forward in extending the lifespan of their clothing, towards a future where clothes are not worn and then thrown away, but made to be remade and worn again.

Iconic adidas style with an end-of-life solution

adidas wants to make it easier for people to give back their clothing once it's worn out and promote the idea of returning pieces to be remade. adidas Made To Be Remade clothes and footwear pioneers a 'keep it in play approach – so sportswear doesn't need to end its life when it first wears out. The way it works for you is simple - just buy any Made To Be Remade product, wear it until it's worn out, and then return it by scanning the QR code in the handy adidas app. When we receive it, we'll first assess its level of wear to help aid the development of future products, then we'll grind it down into base materials for it to be remade into the next generation of footwear and clothing products.

Keep it in play with adidas Made To Be Remade

The adidas Made To Be Remade collection offers an extensive and growing selection of element-defying clothing and footwear designed to be returned and remade – from trainers to shorts and T-shirts. We believe a low-waste approach that extends the life of clothing and footwear is the only way forward. Made To Be Remade is the start of a movement that embraces pieces having multiple lives, so reducing waste. Explore the full range and join us on the journey in fashion designed to be returned and remade.