black yoga pants & leggings



There are many reasons why adidas black yoga leggings are the classic workout choice. Walking out the door feeling fluid and comfortable in a great pair of well-fitting leggings feels really good. You're liberated, psyched and ready for your next challenge. Whatever you do, you won’t be thinking about your leggings, you'll be smashing it.

Style-wise, everyone has their own preferences and we think we’ve got it covered. In the adidas range you’ll find leggings that are high-rise, three-quarter length, cropped, full-length, panelled, pretty and no-nonsense plain black. From our eternally cool 3-Stripes design to distinctive designer editions, all our black yoga leggings worship at the altars of a good fit, style and performance enhancement.

In terms of comfort during your workout, our leggings are built to fit and support your body as you move, no matter how challenging the pose. You’re free to lunge and reach as far as your body would like. Non-restricting and comfortable, our black yoga leggings will go with your flow. In terms of keeping cool while you work out, look out for styles with Climalite technology that wicks sweat away from your skin so you feel dry and aren’t distracted from your workout.

If you’re interested in making sustainable fashion choices, there are several legging styles that have been created out of recycled materials and even from recycled ocean waste. Our black yoga tights are designed to last the duration and stay with you on your fitness journey. Machine washable and easy to dry, they’ll ping back into shape after each wash. Each time you put them on – it’ll feel like the first time you walked out of the door in them.


Our black yoga pants come sports-styled with sharp adidas detailing. As it becomes clear just how great yoga is for well-being and good health, so people turn to it to complement their usual sports. The adidas range of black yoga trousers has been designed for those who prefer a looser feel than yoga leggings and tights, but who still want to power through their yoga sequences.

Freedom of movement is a given, so that no position is off-limits. Our training pants allow for a full range of movement, with stretch built in just where it’s needed. Fabrics are lightweight and breathable so you can pretty much forget about your clothes and get on with the yoga. Climalite technology wicks away sweat from your skin and keeps you comfortable and dry as you hold that long pose. For those who like to exercise outdoors, there are black yoga pants with Climawarm technology to keep you warm and dry while you salute the sun. Prefer to workout in shorts? Throw on a pair of our track pants to get you to and from the gym - there are typical sports side-zips for their easy removal. And it’s ok to wear them for the rest of the day, promise.

With maxed out comfort comes unsurpassable adidas style. Choose from reworked old school sports silhouettes, body-skimming tapered cuts and lit contrasting adidas side strips. Of course, the 3-Stripes are in the mix as well. As we increase our commitment to sustainability, we offer trousers created with yarn made out of recycled plastics, with no compromise on style. Choices for men, women and children are available.

None of our black yoga sweatpants expect special treatment, they’re easy to care for and machine washable. In terms of quality, they’re as committed as you are.