Venture outdoors, protected from the elements with XPLORIC

Get outside in the city landscape or on the hiking trail with our technical rain jackets. Look out for walking jackets in neutral black, brown and beige or stand out in bright colours and utilitarian designs. Created for the city and the mountain, adidas jackets are united by the technology that keeps you warm and repels the weather wherever you are. Hiking raincoats with water-repellent designs let the rain roll off, so you stay dry and focused.

Don’t let rain hold you back

Our coats with RAIN.RDY technology keep water out when you’re on the move, so you can get where you’re going with no distractions. Hiking puffer jackets and parkas are insulated to keep in body heat when the temperature outside dips. If you choose to stay the weekend in the city, wear a walking jacket with a breathable, water-resistant membrane for a lightweight option that keeps moisture out. There’s no chance of overheating in a coat that has a two-way centre zip, which lets you control your ventilation on the fly.

Walking jackets for every mile

Grab a hiking jacket if you’re going off-road on foot. You’ll get durable protection for any weather, so you can brave the outdoors. A hiking windbreaker with an adjustable hood and cuffs helps to protect against strong gusts. If you’re taking gear with you, the pocket system means essentials can be stored securely but always within easy reach. If you’re heading out in the city, a long-length jacket will give you extra coverage to provide protection from the rain. Go for a walking jacket with headphone channels built into the pockets, so you stay connected while you’re on your next adventure.