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Womens Yung Series


Be unapologetically yourself with the new adidas women’s yung series

Are you a child of the 90s? Embrace the weird and wonderful style of this exciting period by sporting a pair of shoes from adidas women’s yung series. Inspired by the freethinking styles of this era, grab the spotlight by wearing yung series shoes. If you like it chunky, colourful and comfortable, the yung series is your perfect fit. Designed to pay homage to the 90s, the women’s yung series shoes are built using the latest footwear technology, so they can rock like the originals but are even better!

Bold and eccentric. Weird and wonderful. Colourful and comfortable

Dedicated to those who are fearless to think big and make no apologies for it, adidas women’s yung series is inspired by period fashion, marrying running shoes and tennis shoes to create a new solid line-up of footwear. Opposites to the present day sleek sneakers, the yung series take a different path. The thought direction isn’t minimalism, the aim is to stand out, be different and rebel against the established orders. This is what made the 90s oh so weird but oh so wonderful by showcasing boldness but with a bit of eccentricity!

A modern take on an icon representation of fashion

adidas women’s yung series might look like they are a product of the 90s but they are playful recreations made better with the aid of modern technology. Despite looking on the bulkier side, they are lightweight shoes, marrying fashion and comfort. A variety of material choices are used on the women’s yung series ranging from suede, mesh, leather and other synthetic fabrics in layered patterns. The soles are made from EVA with a rubber outsole ensuring lightness and flexibility. Combining the contrasting colours and wavy patterns, they provide a snug fit while embracing retro funk.