Winter Sports Clothing

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Winter sports clothing

Stay warm and active this winter with this adidas collection of winter sports clothing, which includes a large variety of trousers and tops to suit your winter sport of choice, with fits ranging from loose to regular to fitted. You will find jackets in different styles, each matching specific weather conditions and temperatures—with waterproof styles and windbreakers protecting you from bumpier weather conditions, while down jackets are just what you need when the temperatures start decreasing. For those colder days, extra warmth can be provided with the addition of insulating base layers such as tights, shorts and bodysuits.

Comfort inside and out

When it comes to winter sports clothing, comfort starts with the use of the right fabric and is cemented by the technologies that are incorporated to make each garment supportive. Warmth is provided by insulating fabric that is constructed with its fibers woven together densely, while a special technology enables the conduction of sweat away from the body thus offering a breathable solution. Fabric with an incorporated four-way stretch will act like a second skin, enabling you to move around freely while providing you with support, while winter sports clothing using fabric with anti-odour properties will give you an ongoing feeling of freshness as you exercise.

Features for days

Regardless of the design you’re after and your favourite style of fit, you will find a large variety of extra features to choose from in every winter sports clothing item, ensuring the garment you choose matches all your preferences. These include zip pockets to allow the storage of some essentials within easy reach, elastic or adjustable cuffs at the wrists or ankles for added warmth and a more secure fit, or pre-shaped elbows that allow for better and easier arm movement. And for an environmentally conscious choice, pick a style made with recycled polyester which can help save the planet by saving resources and decreasing emissions.