Tennis socks and crew socks


Feet first

Every part of your tennis kit is important. From your cap to your racquet, down to your shorts and socks, you need the correct gear to perform well. As your feet do most of the work during a tennis match, it’s vital to protect them from injury and the elements. Your feet are the first part of the body that you’ll use when you train, and they transfer power to your lower legs as you play. That’s why you need to start with the correct socks. With adidas tennis socks and tennis leg warmers, we look after your feet while they’re on court.

Take the impact

Designed with tennis players in mind, our range of tennis socks come in ankle or crew fits and offer high-density padding which absorbs shock from heavy strikes during a match. The strategic cushioning takes the impact as well as protecting the high-friction areas along your heels, toes and the ball of your foot. Techfit compression at the arch and the ankle allows a secure fit. Thanks to this intelligent design, adidas tennis socks prevent foot fatigue and also stop your socks from slipping down during play with the help of a no-slip fit at the cuff.

Intelligent design

Thanks to Climacool technology, our socks feature mesh inserts which provide specific ventilation to your feet so that they remain comfortable in your training shoes. It’s important that your feet remain cool and dry during your match so that you don’t overheat or slip. Another benefit of adidas tennis socks is the Formotion design that allows freedom of movement for your foot, along with increased comfort whenever you’re in motion. Our tennis socks help to reduce the risk of blisters on the feet, as well as managing the level of moisture so you can expect dry feet throughout your match.