tennis socks

Dominate the court with tennis socks of multiple lengths, supporting whilst providing moisture-wicking confidence for your best serve yet. Alphaskin non-slip technology keeps your grounded in iconic Trefoil branding.

Branded tennis socks for an iconic serve every time

It’s game, set and match when you take to the court in adidas tennis socks. Crafted especially with Alphaskin for the perfect non-slip, moisture-absorbing support, you can twist, turn and jump your way to success with a sure-footed approach to your passion. Whether you like a longer quarter length look, low-cut or even no-show approach to your sock style, adidas have sporting socks that cater for the amateur player or professional sportsman in you. Boasting strong blacks, whites and greys at the core of the collection, adidas sports socks show off just enough iconic branding to show your commitment to proper training threads.

Non-slip technology for your most grounded match yet with adidas tennis socks

Elevate your game with ease when your footwear supports in technology-backed tennis socks. With slick design choices and versatility of branding, you can decide how much you want to show without compromising on protection. Whether you’re chasing down the ball at a casual afternoon garden party or participating in a professional match in athlete-identical quarter-lengths, adidas tennis socks on your feet will remain cushioned and supported, giving you driving energy and dynamic stamina all the way.

Easily adaptable socks for any sporting passion

adidas sporting socks form the base of your capsule training wardrobe regardless how you like to get your endorphin rush. Runners, dancers, weight lifters and cross trainers alike find the perfect balance of utility and style with an essential item that provides solid grounding without weighing you down. Perfectly matched with casual streetwear or training gear, your socks will be as much use to you in daily life as they are on the court. Find your ideal pair of adidas sneakers to complete the fleet-footed feeling and take the world in your stride, no matter what’s on the agenda.